Craig Robertson

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James Patrick
  • UNIT
Royal Marines, 42 Commando
  • RANK
Lieutenant (MC) Captain (Local Major) (MiD)

Military Cross, Mention in Despatches
Malaya January - 1st January - June 1952 (MC), Borneo 1963-1964 (MiD)
London Gazette 39675, 17th October 1952, Page 5528 (MC)
London Gazette 43492, 17th November 1964, Page 9824 (MiD)


Military Cross : Lieutenant Gardner has been in command of No.2 Section of 'B' Troop 42 Commando Royal Marines since July 1951 during which time he has displayed leadership, zeal and energy of the highest order.

Due primarily to the outstanding offensive spirit and fine example of this young officer his section has been responsible for eight recorded successes against the Malayan bandits.

On 4th January 1952 when leading a small patrol of 5 men in the area of LAHAT PERAK following up after a major incident on LAHAT Police Station, his patrol came under heavy fire while in thick secondary jungle. With one man wounded he rallied his men and returned to the offensive to find that he had contacted an enemy camp which contained about 50 bandits. By cool thinking and leadership this officer extricated his men from being ambushed and gained the initiative.

On the night of 5th February 1952 he was in command of a hastily planned ambush in the area of JELAPANG near IPOH. In order to reach the position undetected and in time his party had to carry out an approach march in darkness over treacherous ground and through very thick undergrowth. The successful conclusion to this ambush was due to this officers outstanding ability and tireless energy.

During March 1952 his section was temporarily on detached duty in the SEPANG Police District, SELANGOR, where it again repeated its successes and earned the confidence of the Police and civilians in the area.

Place : Perak and Selangor, Malaya
Date of Action : July 1951 to June 1952
How Employed : Troop Subaltern


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