AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS Hancock, Robert Norman (Bob)

John Robertson

Staff member
Robert Norman (Bob)
  • UNIT
2/3 Independent Company
  • RANK
Military Cross
New Guinea 1943
from Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
born 25.7.1919 Colac, Victoria
next of kin John Hancock of Northcote Farm, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
university student, Melbourne
enlisted 6.5.1941 St Kilda, Victoria
2/3 Independent Company 1943-44 (Cap - Major)
Z Special Unit March 1945
discharged 14.7.1945 (Major)
died 05.05.1984 (aged 64)
buried Gungahlin Cemetery, Mitchell, Canberra, Australia.
plot Allotment Index: EX/02/03/00/001


Military Cross : For gallant action and sound command of his unit in a series of attacks on the enemy in SALAMAUA.

Capt HANCOCK was appointed to administer command of the 2/3 Aust Indp Coy on 13 Aug 43. In a series of actions commending on 14 Aug 43 against the enemy on the important BOBDUBI RIDGE area it was necessary for Capt HANCOCK to lead his men against strongly held enemy localities which were preventing the advance of our troops. Capt HANCOCK displayed outstanding gallantry and sound organising ability in driving the enemy from these positions. After several days and nights of constant fighting over the most fatiguing country the enemy was forced beyond his SALAMAUA defence line thus allowing our forces to overlook SALAMAUA and threatening the security of the enemy positions surrounding SALAMAUA. In a later drive by the brigade to encircle the enemy on the western and northern flanks and which finally forced the enemy to evacuate SALANAUS, Capt HANCOCK and his Coy were in close contact with the enemy who were fighting fierce rearguard actions and inflicted very heavy casualties on the enemy. The gallant action of Capt HANCOCK in leading his company in a series of ambushes and deliberate attacks resulting in severe casualties to the enemy must have had a tremendous effect in weakening the enemy fighting forces and was a great factor in the final defeat of the Japanese at SALAMAUA on 11 Sep 43.

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