SOE Hanson, George Arthur Eldricke

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George Arthur Eldricke
  • UNIT
Force 133
  • RANK
Lance Sergeant
Military Medal
Island of Naxos 1944-1945
parent unit Royal Signals
born 11.06.1921
recommended DCM, awarded MM
22.01.1947 commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps (377850)
01.01.1949 promoted Captain
postwar joined Metropolitan Police
occupation Prison Officer
resided 184 Revelstoke Road, Southfields, Wandsworth
died 11.03.1993 (Aged 71)
London Gazette 37310, 16th October 1945, Page 5098 (MM)


Military Medal : Lance-Sergeant Hanson was infiltrated by sea to the Island of Naxos in the Cyclades on 29 April 1944, where he remained until he returned to the Middle East on 2 January 1945. For a consecutive period of eight months he undertook the duties of wireless operator on a particularly hazardous, difficult and arduous operation on Naxos island.

As the only Englishman on the Island, he worked amongst unfamiliar people and amidst strange surroundings, showing an adaptability to circumstances which was of paramount importance to the success of the operation. Moreover, until the surrender of the German garrison in October 1944, he operated his set behind the enemy’s lines while dressed in civilian clothes. Faced as he was by continual danger and privitation, he displayed at all times a courage, initiative and endurance which emphasised his moral qualities as a soldier.

His tasks were threefold. Not only was he responsible for helping the leader to organise a resistance group of patriotic civilians to fight the Germans, and to organise sabotage of the enemy’s lines of communication, base installations and supply vessels, but in addition it was his duty to transmit to H.Q. the intelligence he received so that the garrison would be constantly exposed to aggression by land, sea and air forces.

In spite of periods of sudden and prolonged movement, or of monotonous lying in hiding, necessitated by the persistence and relentlessness of the German search parties, these tasks were undertaken and perservered with until they were concluded.

Not only does the final subjection and surrender of the enemy on the Island bear obvious testimony to the efficiency and accuracy of his work, but it was entirely due to his liaison with his leader and the extremely high standard of his wireless communication with H.Q. that this result was possible.

For the courage, devotion to duty and unfailing adaptability which he displayed in circumstances of continuous hardship and danger, it is most strongly recommended that Lance-Sergeant Hanson be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

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