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By Jim Bolen
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Staff member
Ernest Arthur
  • UNIT
40 Commando
  • RANK
PO/X 105560
Military Medal, Mention in Despatches
Italy 1944-45
London Gazette 36676, 25th August 1944, Page 4010


Military Medal : (Ref. Map ITALY 1/200,000. Sheet 12)

Sgt Kinnear was acting in the capacity of Troop Sergeant Major during Operation 'IMPACT' 10-13 Apr 45, and became at once an outstanding figure on the battlefield. In the area of MENATE the Commando met stiff enemy opposition on a narrow front, with the additional hazards of deeply sown minefields. Heavy toll was taken of unit personnel. During this critical period, with morale badly shaken and the success of the operation in the balance, Sgt KINNEAR emerged as a leader of the highest qualities. Tirelessly applying himself to the welfare of his men he moved freely through his section positions, succouring the wounded and exhorting tired men to renewed effort. In so doing he was repeatedly exposed to enemy SA fire, but by demonstrating complete disregard for his own safety he so stimulated the Troop that it was able to resume the attack and capture the objective.

During the many operations carried out by 40 (RM) Cdo from SICILIY to ARGENTA, Sgt Kinnear has been conspicuous by his gallantry.

During an operation on the DALMATION Island of BRAC in June 1944, he was again acting as Troop Sergeant Major. When heavy casualties had been sustained he went out alone over open ground to evacuate many of them under fire. Again in the same action he evacuated two casualties from the middle of a Schu minefield, and later returned to the summit of a hill within easy range of the enemy positions to evacuate wounded left behind in the withdrawal, although he was forced to retire by accurate sniping.

Within his troop and within the unit, Sgt KINNEAR has been a tower of strength. With always a helping hand for the weak, a word of encouragement to the faint hearted and above all, by his own shining example he has upheld the highest traditions of his Corps and of the British SNCO.




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