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Victor Harold
  • UNIT
1 Marine Parachute Regiment (Commanding Officer 2 Bn)
  • RANK
Lieutenant Colonel
Navy Cross
Choiseul,Solomon Islands 1943
from Denver,Colorado
born 7.1.1913 Denver,Colorado
graduated US Naval Academy,Annapolis 31.5.1934
commissioned 2Lt USMC
USS Arizona
US Naval Academy
6th Marine Regiment
4th Marine Regiment 1937-39
graduated Junior School,Quantico,Virginia 1940
1st Marine Brigade,Fleet Marine Force
ADC to Commanding General Amphibious Corps,Atlantic Fleet 1941 (Captain)
2nd Marine Parachute Bn (C.O.) (Major) 1942
1st Marine Parachute Regiment (C.O. 2 Bn) 1943-44
awarded Navy Cross
WIA 30.10.1943 Choiseul
6th Marine Division 1944-45
awarded Legion of Merit with V device,Bronze Star
Assistant Director of Senior School,Marine Corps Base,Quantico (postwar)
5th Marine Regiment (C.O.) (Colonel)
Assistant Chief of Staff,G-3,Fleet Marine Force,Pacific 1950
Chief of Staff,1st Marine Division (served Korea)
awarded 2nd Legion of Merit with V,Air Medal
HQ Marine Corps (Secretary of General Staff) 1951
Chief of Staff,Fleet Marine Force ? - 1955
Brigadier General July 1956
Assistant Commander,3rd Marine Division
Director,Marine Corps Educational Center,Quantico 1957-59
Major General November 1959
Commanding Officer,Marine Recruit Depot,San Diego
Special Assistant for Counter Insurgency Activities in the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1962-64
served Vietnam
awarded 3rd Legion of Merit
Commanding General,Fleet Marine Force,Pacific 1.3.1964 (Lt General)
retired 1.6.1968 (Lt General)
awarded Navy Distinguished Service Medal
worked for Copley Newspapers 1968-77
author "First to Fight"
married Amy (died 2001) (3 sons)
died 29.12.2008 San Diego,California
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery,San Diego,California Section M Site 342B
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First to Fight
By Victor H. Krulak