22 SAS McAleese, John Thomas (Mac)

John Robertson

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John Thomas (Mac)
  • UNIT
B Squadron (6 Troop)
  • RANK
Military Medal
Northern Ireland 1988
parent unit 59 Independent Commando Squadron,Royal Engineers
from Grangemouth (or Laurieston),Stirlingshire
born 1949 Stirling
enlisted Army 9.2.1970
22 years in Army
17 years in SAS
discharged 8.2.1992
joined Army same day as Tommy Palmer (see Roll of Honour)
after leaving army was special instructor,UK Survival School
TV presenter,tactical firearms instructor and works in security
married (4 children)
died 26.8.2011 Thessaloniki,Greece age 61
his son
Sgt 2 Bn The Rifles
from Hereford
husband of Joanne (son Charley)
KIA 21.8.2009 Age 29 in Helmand Province,Afghanistan
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John (Mac) McAleese

Dear McAleese,i have watch your programes with great interest.I have a lot of respects for the brave men of the SAS.All so for the brave men who died in doing what alot people take for granted in britain our freedom.Million respects ratcatcher666
John (Mac) McAleese

Dear Mr McAleese,words can not express the sorrow of your loss of your wonderfull Son.No words of wisdoom could ever ease your pain.The every day man takes freedom for granted.I for one and many like me salute your brave Son,i will never take my freedom for granted.I hope you can find peace with your grandson and he will give as much love and joy as your dear Son.My deepest respects, Richard (ratcatcher666)
John (Mac) McAleese

This is for Sgt J0hn McAleese is family. I feel sadness for your loss,God bless John .He will rest in peace now in knowing he will join Paul Heaven.Deepest respects ratcatcher666
John (Mac) McAleese

I once spoke to John when he was working at the UK Survival School. I asked him if he/they would be willing to accept my partners son, who was absolutely mad on the Army, but he had a disability. By the end of the conversation, it was like we had been friends for years.

John was an absolute gentleman. RIP John