John Robertson

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  • UNIT
R.A.N.V.R. (O.C. Beach Commandos A and C)
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Lieutenant Commander
Distinguished Service Cross
Borneo 1944
born 22.11.1909 Laidley,Queensland
enlisted 7.10.1940
HMAS Saunders
discharged 17.5.1957 HMAS Moreton
Ronald McKauge M.B.E., D.S.C., V.R.D.
Number: -
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
D.O.B.: 22nd November 1909, Laidley, Queensland
Service History
13.02.30 ? 31.07.32 Served as a Private in the Militia
07.10.40 Enlisted HMAS Brisbane as an Acting Sub Lieutenant RANVR
21.10.40 Posted to HMAS Cerberus
04.11.40 Posted to HMAS Brisbane
13.11.40 Passage to United Kingdon per ?Themistaeles? and posted to London Depot
06.01.41 Promoted to Lieutenant
04.02.41 Posted to HMS King Alfred for training
18.03.41 Posted to HMS Quebec ? Combined Training Centre
07.01.42 Posted to HMS Saunders for Landing Craft Duties
26.03.42 Given command of Lighter 101
31.08.42 Awarded Restricted Watch Keeping Certificate for Tank Landing
Craft only
Sept. 1942 Involved in the Tobruk Raid ? Operation Agreement
01.01.43 Promoted to Acting Lieutenant Commander and posted to London
Depot. Flotilla Officer of Tank Landing Craft.
01.04.43 Posted to HMS Saunders
14.04.44 Posted to London Depot
22.05.44 Returned to Australia and posted to HMAS Moreton
08.06.44 Award of the Distinguished Service Cross announced in the
London Gazette.
?For gallantry in the face of the enemy and for outstanding ability,
initiative and leadership in HMS Saunders, as Commanding
Officer, Flotilla Officer and Squadron Officer, LCT from March
1942. During the advance of the Eighth Army to Tripoli, he did
extremely well as Flotilla Officer and it is largely due to him that
the LCTs were able to reach Tripoli. The craft worked in ports
within a few hours of their capture and often landed supplies for
the Army on open beaches in the spring gales. He inspired the
Commanders of the LCTs to take risks and carry out duties which
in normal conditions would have been considered beyond the
powers of such worn-out craft. He was one of a selected party
which took part in the Tobruk raid with the object of capturing
German craft and demolishing enemy installations in the port. He
was in charge of the LCT which worked for the CTC at Zaura in
July-September , 1943, and again of those working from Palestine
to the Aegean in the autumn of 1943. On all occasions he has been
a source of great confidence.
26.09.44 Posted to Kuranda ? Beach Landing Group, Queensland, as
Officer in Charge and Principal Beachmaster of Naval Beach
Commando ?A?
20.07 to
30.07.44 No.1 Aust Corps Command & Staff Course
23.03.45 Part of No.1 Australian Beach Group Planning Team which
departed Cairns for Townsville by rail.
24.03.45 Departed Townsville for Hollandia by plane
25.03.45 Departed Hollandia for Morotai by plane
26.03 to
28.03.45 Attended conference held by G.O.C. 9th Australian Division to
discuss administration and planning for OBOE operations in
20.04.45 Posted to HMAS Madang ? Naval Beach Commando ?A?, Borneo
23.04.45 Rejoined RAN Commando in Morotai
10.06.45 Principal Beachmaster Labuan Island and Brunei Landings.
Landed on Brown Beach, Victoria Town, Labuan Island in charge
of Beach Party No.4.
16.10.45 Returned to Australia and posted to HMAS Moreton
30.11.45 Demobilised
01.12.45 Appointed to the rank of Lieutenant RANVR
30.06.49 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
09.05.51 Re-entered full time service HMAS Moreton
17.06.51 Posted to HMAS Tarangau, Manus Island as Deputy Supervisiong
Intelligence Officer NEA and Staff Officer (Intelligence) NEA
25.11.52 Posted to HMAS Moreton
24.10.54 Posted to HMAS Penguin
19.11.54 Completed Standard Damage Control Course
20.01.55 Posted to HMAS Tarangau, Manus Island as Senior Officer Coast
Watching Australia Station
04.01.56 Posted to HMAS Cootamundra
15.01.56 Posted to HMAS Tarangau, Manus Island
22.01.56 Posted to HMAS Cootamundra
05.03.56 Posted to HMAS Penguin
20.04.56 Posted to HMAS Kuttabul as Senior Officer (Intelligence)
12.05.57 Posted to HMAS Moreton
17.05.57 Released from fulltime service and discharged
1961 Awarded the RAN Volunteer Reserve Decoration (V.R.D.)
31.12.79 Awarded a Civil Member of the Order of the British Empire for
service to Veterans in the 1980 New Years Honours List
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