SAS Merryweather, Anthony

John Robertson

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1 SAS (B Squadron + C Squadron)
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Military Medal,Mention in Despatches
Normandy 1944 (MM) NW Europe 1945 (MiD)
parent unit Army Air Corps
WIA and POW 10.7.1944 - liberated August 1944


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Dear John

I am currently interested in the Operation Titanic (IV) on D-Day in which Trooper Merryweather took part for his MM. You also have records of the two officers on this operation, Lts. Fowles and Poole, who got MCs. There were three other troopers on this operation, namely Troopers Hurst, Dawson and Saunders. I understand Hurst was wounded and went to the same hospital as Merryweather, being released in August 1944. Dawson is said to have been sent to a Stalag on capture. There seems to be no availabe information on what happened to Saunders. I also cannot find the full names of Hurst, Dawson and Saunders. Do you know any more about them? Any information would be much appreciated. Tim Austin

A Merryweather

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Hi Tim I might be able to help with some of your questions. I know a bit about what happened to the 6 men when they landed on French soil (I believe the 1st soldiers to do so of op overlord). They were all injured in one last stand in a barn, they all had severe injuries and were captured. what those 6 men did for 40 days and nights before they were captured, totally outnumbered and with a coy hunting them in the day, then at night becoming the hunters, they were never more than 300 yards from Germans, my grandfather even stole food from a farmhouse that was occupied by the Germans hunting them! They were told by a farmer they trusted 2 escaped American para P.o.Ws were hiding up in a farm 10miles to the north, that night 3 of them walked to the Americans, the area was crawling with Germans yet they managed to get there without alerting anyone, one of the Americans was in such a bad way he had to be carried, trooper Merryweather carried him the 10miles back to the barn they were hiding in and they started to patch him up! That's just one night! I don't think anything has ever been published about this operation , but i know what happened, my grandfather should have been awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions, but because he was a trooper of the SAS the highest award he could receive was a MM.
Send me a private message or reply here with want you want to know.
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Hi Adam,

Did your grandfather continue to serve in the Territorial SAS (21 SAS) after WW2?

I happened to find a 21st SAS Artists shoulder title that - judging by the medal ribbon that came with it - belonged to a WW2 SAS veteran who was awarded both a Military Medal and a MID.

Your grandfather was one of 6 SAS veterans who was awarded both.

I am trying to narrow down the search. Can you please help?


Johan Wiegman
The Netherlands
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bonjour juste pour vous dire que j ai des informations sur les lieux ou ils ont etais parachuter cacher ravitailler et fais prisonnier contacter moi si cela vous intérresse


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Late to the party but here is some information. Merryweather, Hurst and Saunders ended up at Rennes Military Hospital as PWs if these are the right guys. I don't see a Dawson at Rennes and Saunders might be the wrong one.

PVT 3909446 Merryweather, Anthony Shrapnel left leg and back
PVT 2057292 Hurst, W. Shrapnel both legs
SGT 5724636 Saunder or Saunders, Walter Fracture Tibia and Fibula