US PARAS Norwood, Wayne Denzil

Those Devils in Baggy Pants
By David Ross Fraley & Ross S. Carter
SOG Chronicles: Volume One
By John Stryker Meyer

John Robertson

Staff member
Wayne Denzil
  • UNIT
517 Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • RANK
First Lieutenant
Silver Star
resided Idarel, Oklahoma
born 25.11.1922
parents Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Norwood
graduated Gray High School
16.09.1940 entered service
24.07.1948 discharged
25.07.1948 entered service
31.05.1967 discharged
died 09.01.1994


Silver Star : The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to First Lieutenant (Corps of Engineers) Wayne D. Norwood (ASN: 0-1295418), United States Army, for gallantry in action while serving with the 597th Airborne Engineer Company, 82d Airborne Division, in action on 5 January 1945, near Quartiers, Belgium. At approximately 1200 hours, First Lieutenant Norwood and a squad of the Second Platoon were clearing the road of mines from Dairomont toward Quartiers. The squad removed one roadblock and captured one French-speaking prisoner of warned First Lieutenant Norwood that an unknown number of the enemy were dug in 200 yards ahead near the town of Quartiers. A quick reconnaissance of the area was made and an enemy machine gun nest and a mortar position were located. He maneuvered his men through the woods in such a manner that his own avenue of escape was insured and got his men into position 75 yards from the enemy without detection. At the first volley of shots the enemy machine gun crew and mortar crew raised a white flag. As they were coming to our positions to surrender, another enemy machine gun opened upon the flank. By skillful maneuvering, First Lieutenant Norwood led his group in silencing the gun. First Lieutenant Norwood's quick thinking and sound judgment were instrumental in cracking the enemy's defenses and in saving many American lives. His courage, coolness under fire, devotion to duty and actions beyond the call of duty have won him the highest praise of his men.
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