SAS Pomford, Douglas

John Robertson

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  • UNIT
Special Boat Squadron (S Detachment)
  • RANK
Corporal + Sergeant
Military Medal and bar
SBS Ops 1943 and islands of Ios,Amorgas and Nascos 1944
parent unit South Lancashire Regiment
born March 1920 Liverpool
resided Liverpool
All England Amateur Middleweight Boxing Champion 1938
enlisted May 1940 South Lancashire Regiment
11 Commando 1941
1 SBS attached L Detachment SAS March 1942 (Cpl)
1 SAS (D Squadron) 1942-43 (Cpl)
Special Boat Squadron (S Detachment) 1943-44 (Sgt)
qualified as paratrooper 1945 (served Balkans)
demobilised 22.4.1946
established and ran Golden Gloves Club, Liverpool 1947
married Catherine Cavanagh (died 2007)
died 29.10.1969 age 49
Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool


Military Medal (Bar) : For distinguished conduct during Operations on the islands of IOS, AMORGOS and NAXOS.
This Sgt. was the senior NCO of the SBS patrol which, on the night of 26th April 1944, attacked an enemy post in IOS Town. In the close quarter engagement which ensued, this NCO personally accounted for two of the enemy, whilst the remaining three were captured.

The patrol then proceeded to AMORGOS and attacked the W/T Station at KATAPOLA PORT on the night 1st May 1944. This NCO formed part of the assault party under Capt. CLARKE, and was able, under cover of very accurate LMG fire, to get within a few yards of the main door of the building in which the W/T Station was situated. From there, this NCO assisted in putting two M/Gs out of action with grenades and Sub M/G fire. The enemy then attempted to escape out of the house, six were immediately killed by the assault party. This NCO then went forward alone in to the house and ascertained that no further enemy remained inside. The whole patrol then entered, destroyed the electric generator and re-embarked together with a W/T set and all the codes and documents.

On 22 May 1944, during the attack on the German garrison in NAXOS town, this NCO conducted himself with coolness and complete disregard for danger, as a result of which 15 casualties were caused to the enemy without loss.

Throughout all these operations the determination, leadership and example set by this NCO was of the highest order.

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Douglas Pomford

Hi - very sorry about this but could you possibly correct a couple of your dates, he died in 1969 and mum died in 2007.
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