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Bruce Michael
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Warrant Officer Second Class
Military Medal
South Vietnam


Military Medal : Warrant Officer Class II Bruce Michael Prosper enlisted in the Australian' Regular Army on 10th April 1961. He was allotted to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and served' with the Royal' Australian Regiment until his posting to the Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam on 20th September 1966. He was allotted for duty to Mobile Guerilla Task Force 768, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and commanded a platoon of indigenous troops.

On 19th April 1967 Task Force 768 became heavily engaged with a North Vietnamese Army Infantry Company. W.O. II Prosper's platoon was the first unit engaged and started to take casualties as the enemy advanced. W.O. II Prosper rallied his platoon and led them into the heart of the attacking enemy force and stopped their forward movement. His platoon stayed in position under intense, small arms fire until a platoon commanded by Warrant Officer John Maxwell Stone could move up on his left flank to block a flanking movement the enemy was making. This platoon blocked the flanking movement and then W.O. II Stone was killed; they started to falter through lack of command, when W.O. II Prosper who was watching, moved towards them with complete disregard for his personal safety and rallied them. He continued to move between both platoons in the ensuing fire fight until command was restored in the other platoon. Due to his actions with his own platoon in stopping the initial attack, and later, holding both platoons together, the remainder of Task Force 768 was able to mount an attack which forced the enemy to break contact after suffering heavy casualties.

W.O. II Prosper's bravery under fire, determined and gallant leadership prevented the enemy from achieving their mission. His outstanding aggressiveness and personal 'leadership reflect great credit on himself and the Australian Regular Army.


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