RMBPD Sparks, William Edward (Bill)

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William Edward (Bill)
  • UNIT
Royal Marines RMBPD A Division (cockle "Catfish")
  • RANK
Distinguished Service Medal
France 1942 (op.Frankton)
born 5.9.1922 London (East End)
wife Violet Elsie (nee Honour) Sparks (1921-1982) (married 1947)
wife Irene (nee Derriman) Sparks (1919-2005) (married 1984)
shoe repairer in civilian life
Lieutenant,Malayan Police Force 1950s
later bus driver and garage inspector for London Transport
died 30.11.2002
buried St. Andrew's Churchyard, Alfriston, Wealden District, East Sussex, England
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William E. (Bill) Sparks

This findagrave link may be of interest?

http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=sparks&GSfn=william&GSbyrel=al l&GSdyrel=all&GScntry=5&GSob=n&GRid=53551303&df=al l&
I'm surprised that there is no mention of Lord Paddy Ashdown's new book "A Brilliant Little Operation" It is available on Amazon and in most good bookshops of course. Also there does not seem to be a lot of information about Operation Frankton in these pages, apart from the books on sale. Paddy Ashdown's book is a well researched revelation of what really went on in those dark days. Winston Churchill said that this raid reduced the length of the war by six months. Not bad for something done on the cheap to save losing lives in costly RAF bomber raids. By the way it appears from the book that not all were hero's and that to me is another reason it should do well in the shops. Perhaps it should also be made in to another updated and modern type of film. Otherwise the Yanks will steal the full story, film it and claim it as their own. The same as they did with the Enigma machine which was captured from a U-boat by the British.