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William Redvers
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Military Medal
Borneo 1965
London Gazette 43837, 10th December 1965, Page 11678


Military Medal : Throughout his tour in Borneo Corporal Tindale has trained and led his section with conspicuous success. Between 16th and 22nd May 1965, he was in contact with the enemy on three separate occasions and twice drove off overwhelming numbers of the enemy, inflicting heavy casualties.

On 16th May he was commanding the leading section of a platoon which was sent out to investigate a large enemy incursion. The enemy were seen and fire was opened, one of the enemy being hit for certain, for he was carried away into the bush and blood was found on the spot.

Corporal Tindale's section then became part of a stronger follow up which was conducted with great care, as it was known that a large enemy force was ambushing the withdrawal tracks. By skilful movement, the follow up arrived in the middle of the enemy ambush from an unexpected direction. The enemy force, which outnumbered its pursuers by at least two to one, then opened fire at point blank range. Completely ignoring the heavy volume of automatic fire which came from the enemy, Corporal Tindale immediately led his section in a gallant charge which forced them to break and flee into the jungle, suffering at least another 5 casualties in the process.

On 22nd May Corporal Tindale's platoon was roped down from helicopters behind a large enemy force on the border ridge. He was then sent with his section to search the ridge and, after going a short distance, movement was heard in the trees ahead. Corporal Tindale immediately put his section into ambush positions and about 40 of the enemy then broke cover and came towards them. Corporal Tindale ordered fire to be held until the enemy were 6 yards away and then opened a concentrated fire from his whole section against the enemy who were bunched on the ridge. At least 4 of the enemy were killed and 10 wounded. But there were more of them behind in the trees and an attack then developed around their flank and a light mortar began to hit the knoll on which they lay. Corporal Tindale then executed a skilful fighting withdrawal and joined the rest of his platoon without loss.

Throughout all these engagements Corporal Tindale led his section with the utmost skill and with great gallantry. His coolness and firm leadership under fire were an inspiration to his section, who inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy without loss.


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