PARAS 2 Walter, Peter Frederick

John Robertson

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Peter Frederick
  • UNIT
3 Para
  • RANK
bar to Military Cross
Radfan,Aden 1964
born 26.1.1928 Nottinghamshire
son of Frederick and Hilda Walter
educated King Edward VI Grammar School,Retford,Nottinghamshire
enlisted 1944
Sherwood Foresters
Malayan Scouts 1950
22 SAS 1951-53 (B Squadron SSM) (WO2)
Officer Cadet (14483600)
commissioned 5.12.1953
Royal Lincolnshire Regiment (2Lt)
awarded M.C. (Malaya 1957) (Captain)
awarded M.B.E. (Malaya 1958) (Captain)
3 Para (Major)
awarded bar to M.C. (Radfan 1964)
22 SAS (Lt Colonel)
awarded Mention in Despatches (Northern Ireland 1976)
commanded Parachute Regiment battle school,Brecon (date ?)
commanded NATO patrol course,Bavaria (date ?)
married Elizabeth Hall 1963 (dissolved 1980) (2 sons Hugh and Guy)
married Annabel Chase (1 stepdaughter Elizabeth)
retired to Alderney,Channel Islands
died 28.6.2019
London Gazette 43641, 30th April 1965, Page 4347 (MC Bar)


Military Cross (Bar) : Major Walter's company was given the difficult task of a long night march to the rear of a vital feature known as Cap Badge. At first light on 5th May 1964, the company was still on the ground short of the objective, but Major Walter pressed on vigorously. Approaching the foot of the feature the company encountered and were engaged by a group of at least sixty dissidents in strong positions -including fortified houses. Under Major Walter's leadership the company immediately attacked and defeated the dissidents, driving them out of their positions, killing at least twelve and wounding more. Major Walter personally took part in an assault on the main fortified house.

Though the enemy had been defeated some of them got into sniping positions in the hills above, inflicting casualties on the company. Major Walter quickly reorganised the company in the nearby village and fortified houses and engaged and silenced the snipers.

To avoid further casualties he was ordered to keep the company in the village until relieved from the high ground above. Until relieved he continued to control the fire of his company and to direct strike aircraft to neutralise the enemy.

Major Walter showed great resolution, leadership and dash in pressing on towards his objective and in attacking and defeating the enemy in their strong positions. Throughout the action he remained calm, and his general conduct led to an important victory over this group of dissidents.

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