X CRAFT AND CHARIOTS Woollcott, Sydney (Butch)

John Robertson

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Sydney (Butch)
  • UNIT
R.N. HM Chariot Tiny
  • RANK
A/Petty Officer
P/JX 326938
Distinguished Service Medal
Phuket Harbour 1944
born 08.04.1919, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK
pre-war employed as Policeman
10.1946 married Lydia A. (nee Sweeting) (1923-1983)
08.1956 emigrated Australia
employed in forestry
died 30.01.1993, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
London Gazette 36970, 2nd March 1945, Page 1265 (Sidney)
27 October-28: The British submarine Trenchant carried two Mk 2 Chariots (nicknamed "Tiny" and "Slasher"). Crewed by Sidney Woollcott, Sub lieutenant Tony "Lofty" Eldridge (aboard Tiny), Petty Officer Smith, Able Seaman Brown (aboard Slasher) to an attack on Phuket harbour in Thailand. They were released 6 mi (9.7 km) out from the harbour. The targets were two Italian liners, the Sumatra (attacked by 'Tiny') and the Volpi (attacked by 'Slasher'), each of approximately 5,000 tons. Both ships were put out of action (their masts were visible in Phuket harbour above the water until the early 1970s when the wrecks were salved). Six hours later, for the only time, the British charioteers rode back to their mothership. On the return journey the Trenchant jettisoned the chariots so it could travel faster, after receiving a report of a Japanese MTB in the area. The Trenchant carried the four charioteers back to Trincomalee. There were no further chariot operations in combat.


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