Source : National Archives WO 169/11083

No I Demolition Sqdr. M.E. war establishment 866/I/5 officers and 18 other ranks. This Unit was formed w.e.f. 10th December 1942. Officers: Major Peniakoff V. M.C. (General List) Commanding Officer. Captain Yunnie R.P. (Black Watch). Lt. J.M. Caneri (General List) a total of 3 Officer and 12 O.Rs.
Equipment. 2x 3 tonners and 4 jeeps equipped to S.A.S. standard. i.e. Two Twin Vickers G.O. per Jeep and One Twin Vickers G.O. per 3 tonner.
26.11.1942Unit departed Cairo with Major Peniakoff and Captain Yunnie, Lt Caneri being engaged on an operation for M04.
10.12.42arrived Koufra via Assiout and Kharga. Trouble was experienced with standard type of jeep tyres in soft sand. While at Kufra the Unit came under command of L.R.D.G. for administrative purposes.
11 to 17.12.42was spent in training and organisation in Kufra.
18.12.42Unit moved to Zeila with an L.R.D.G. squadron.
23.12.42Major Peniakoff proceded to El Agheila with 2 Jeeps and 2 x 3 tonners for supplies. Arrived el Agheila 27. Left El Agheila on 28 on El Agheila Marada road.
29.12.42one three tonner destroyed by italian coffin mine on marada zeila track. No casualties.
31.12.42arrived Zeila.
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