2 SAS (3 Squadron) group
John Robertson

2 SAS (3 Squadron) group

Op.Galia,Italy 1945 (HQ stick)
at rear with goggles probably Captain Chris Leng (1 Special Force SOE)
left to right
Pct Mulvey
L.Cpl "Smokey" Liddington
Major Bob Walker-Brown
Pct Ted Robinson
Pct John Matthews
Cpl Joe Cunningham

photo source Chris Rooney
Third in from the left with the flying goggles I am almost positive is Chris Leng SOE who was first to drop into Rossano on Galia,
He is in the Galia photo wearing the same goggles
and third in from the right looks very like Ted Robinson, one of the radio operators.
They both flew in the same plane as Bob Walker-Brown on Galia so it seems more than a coincidence that they are both in this photo.
Just realised, that is Bob Walker-Brown in the centre of the photo so this has to be operation Galia
This is HQ stick with, left to right, Pct Mulvey, L/Cpl Smokey Liddington, Major Bob-Walker-Brown, Pct Ted Robinson (my father, still with us!), Pct "Sir" John Matthews, and Cpl Joe Cunningham. Pct Lofty Rose seems to be missing. Yes Ken, I think we are now sure that the guy in the goggles is Captain Chris Leng of No.1 Special Forces, who dropped in Rossano valley first, followed by Lt James "Ricky" Riccomini, and Pct Ted Robinson. This was Ricky`s first jump, with no training, and Dad (Ted Robi
After examining other photos, we have a definite ID of Pct Gordon "Lofty" Rose with goggles at the back, so this is the full complement of HQ stick on Operation Galia, L-R: Pct Mulvey, L/Cpl Smokey Liddington, Pct Gordon "Lofty" Rose (with goggles), Major Bob-Walker-Brown, Pct Ted Robinson, Pct "Sir" John Matthews, and Cpl Joe Cunningham.
Pct Mulvey was my father and although he recounted a few tales, sadly as a child I did not always listen or remember them. He died 30 years ago . Would love to hear any anecdotes or information that anyone has about him. It is so amazing to see this picture with him in!

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