2 SAS group 1944
John Robertson

2 SAS group 1944

Italy 1944
left is SSM John Alcock (see Awards)

photo source Graham Alcock (John's son)
The man on the left was SSM J Alcock 2 SAS. This picture was taken in Italy. My father told me this meal was paid for with a parachute. Who is the man on the right.
SSm Jack Alcock came from Goole. He had fought at Dunkirk with the Coldstream Guards. He died in 1997 at York hospital. In the 1960s he returned to the SAS at Hereford from the TA Parachute Regiment at Glasgow. He took part in Operation Pistol in 1944. Trapped in a cottage by about seven German troops he fought his way out and escaped after killing some of the enemy. I have met some of the french families who hid him in their homes during the operation in Alsace Lorraine.

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