Ian Pring
John Robertson

Ian Pring

22 SAS (B Squadron)
member of Bravo 2 Zero patrol
POW January 1991 Iraq
released March 1991
from Gloucestershire
parent unit Parachute Regiment
I served with dinger in 2 para and the Regiment I was in the scrum of guys who waved the chinook off. Me and dinger go back a long way. He's nickname was made in 2 para it means dinger or ring the bell for a boxing match knock out. He was good at milling or boxing in 2 para. I last had a pint with dinger in 1992 with Andy mcnab in Hereford. 30 years ago I was 30. The reason he's not written a book is he's not the type and he signed the confidentiality contract in the 1990s because he served I think until 1999. Contrary to belief he's far from skint we earn enough in private wages and back handers mcnabs millions of sales from bravo were pure luck because everyone bought everyone it for Christmas presents and did the same with immediate action and again with bravo for the readers who hadn't read the first one and vice versa.
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