SEALS Freiwald, Jason Richard

John Robertson

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Jason Richard
  • UNIT
U.S.N. Navy Special Warfare Development Group
  • RANK
Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (Select)
Bronze Star with V device, Silver Star
Iraq (BS), Afghanistan 2008 (SS)
DOW - see Roll of Honour



Silver Star : The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) Jason Richard Freiwald, United States Navy, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy as Assistant Assault Team Leader for a Joint Task Force conducting special operations in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM on 11 September 2008. Petty Officer Freiwald led his fire team as part of a ground force element that executed a daring Direct Action mission against a heavily armed and barricaded Taliban commander's cell. His troop successfully navigated through arduous enemy controlled terrain and an early warning network to assault a highly fortified compound, eliminating the Taliban cell leader and 11 of his fighters during an hour long firefight. Upon making entry into the compound, Petty Officer Freiwald immediately engaged two enemy fighters maneuvering on his fire team, saving two of his teammates' lives. Seconds later, small arms and tracer fire impacted around him. Once again exposing himself to the enemy, he provided cover fire while directing his fire team to clear the second story and take the high ground of the targeted building to gain the advantage against the enemy. While selflessly shielding his team from the barricaded enemy fighter, he sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen, yet continued to press the fight until his teammates gained access to the second floor. His courage under fire and selfless acts of heroism inspired his teammates, facing overwhelming enemy fire, to continue the fight until the target was secure. By his bold initiative, undaunted courage, and complete dedication to duty, Petty Officer Freiwald reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

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