John Robertson

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Dennis Leolin Samuel St Maur
  • UNIT
R.M. 40 Commando + 41 Independent Commando (2IC) + 42 Commando (2IC)
  • RANK
Captain + Captain (A/Major) + Major

Military Cross and bar, Member of the Order of the British Empire, Silver Star (US)
Palestine 1949 (MBE 40 Cdo) Korea 1952 (MC,S.Star -41 Ind.Cdo) Suez 1956 (bar MC -42 Cdo)
born 4.5.1919
educated Victoria College, Jersey
commissioned R.M. 1.9.1937
40 Commando July 1948-May 1949
41 Independent Commando 1950
42 Commando 6.2.1956-January 1957
died 23.07.1995 Colchester, Essex
London Gazette 38508, 7th January 1949, Page 189 (MBE)
London Gazette 39230, 18th May 1951, Page 2749 (MC)
London Gazette 40253, 13th August 1954, Page 4684 (SS)
London Gazette 41092, 4th June 1957, Page 3417 (MC Bar)


Military Cross (Bar) : On the 6th. November in the assault on PORT SAID, this officer led the first wave of LVTs on to the beaches and captured the beachhead amidst a hail of fire from the front and right flank.

IN order to be in a better position to direct operations he stood on a high wall just clear of the beach and with utmost coolness and with complete disregard for his own personal safety directed and encouraged the troops to their objectives, although being sniped at the whole time.

The sight of this officer, standing on his own in a very exposed position, was an inspiration not only to the first wave troops, but also to the subsequent waves as they beached. Throughout the 6th. November he gave an outstanding example of leadership and courage which was largely responsible for the success of the operation.

On the 7th. and 8th. November, wherever there was rioting or sniping Major ALDRIDGE was in the thick of it, directing, encouraging inspiring others, with no thought for his own safety.

Place : Port Said
Date of Action : 6th November 1956
How Employed : Troop Commander

Note recommended for Distinguished Service Order, awarded Bar to Military Cross

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