Field1 FebWeather warm all day. Fairly quiet during the day. N.A.A.F.I. issue was given out to the Coys at 1330 hrs. N.A.A.F.I. issued consisted of Beer, Cigarettes, Chocolate Bar and matches. Some shelling, enemy fired M.G. towards our position but no casualties or damage done. A standing patrol was attacked at 0200 hrs. Standing patrol at 788935 2 wounded 1 PW taken.
2 FebWeather misty with slight rain. During the day very little enemy activity. Enemy fired M.G. over our position but no damage done. R.A.F. twin engine Bomber crashed in our area MR 76159565. Crew of aircraft were all killed. Very quiet during the day and night.
3 FebWeather fair with slight rain. Fair quiet during the day. Some S.A. Arms fire. Enemy not firing on any definite target. Enemy mortared area MR 783938 no damage done. Patrols went out during the night. Patrols were across the Meuse River no enemy opposition met.
4 FebWeather during the day was misty and slight rain. Enemy were seen digging at 782934 at 1325 hrs Betty O.P. observed enemy movement at 2215 hrs. Betty O.P. at 786934. Very quiet during the day. Some M.G. fire towards our position. No damage done. Patrol went out during the night saw Enemy Section but was too strong for Patrol so Patrol Comd did not interfere and returned to own positions.
5 FebWeather clear and warm all morning slight rain in the afternoon. During the day Enemy fired M.G. and Mortar toward our position. No damage done. A lot of flares were observed on our front. A civilian was captured at 0225 hrs by one of our patrol. Civilian was coming from Enemy line. He was questioned by the Int Officer and then sent to higher formation for further questioning. No enemy movement of any sort seen during the day and night.
6 FebSlight rain during the day and night. Enemy shelled Norma O.P. MR 78659380 during the day at intervals. No casualties or damage done. Norma O.P. observed Enemy digging trenches at 776933 at 1500 hrs. Enemy also observed maning O.P. at MR 776932. Some Enemy M.G. fire during the day and night. Enemy did not fire on any definite target and no damage was done.
7 FebWeather clear and warm all day. Enemy fired rocket on MR 758946. Two minor casualties otherwise no damage. During the night a lot of flares and Gun flashes were reported by O.P. Some M.G. fire but on no definite target. Patrol went across the Maas River. It was a fighting patrol, one Officer and thirty other ranks. Patrol went into Einde MR 7994. Result of patrol was negative.
8 FebWeather during the day was fair. As usual a lot of M.G. fire and flares were reported by O.P. Enemy fired Rockets on MR 758946. No casualties.
9 FebWeather was fair with some rain during the day and night. Enemy shelled "A" Coy Position in Buggenum MR 7893. No damage or casualties done. Some enemy movement observed across the Maas river during the day. Patrols reported M.G. firing and a lot of flare in various positions on our front. Arty flashes were reported by O.P. and forwarded to A,C.M.U. at Bde HQ.
10 FebWeather fair with slight rain during the day. Lt Proulx went on a 36 hrs Recce Patrol across the River Maas. Patrol carried 38 set for communications. Very quiet during the night. O.P. sent in bearing on M.G. fire and the following positions were located MR 78799152, 78599274, 78809190 M.G. positions are not confirmed. Some shelling in the afternoon but shells landed in flooded area. Quite a lot of Enemy activity during the night a lot of M.G. firing and quite a bit of shelling but no damage or casualties caused.
11 FebWeather fair during the day and night. During the day it was very quiet. O.P's reported M.G. fire from various directions but no damage done. During the night flares were observed but no other activity of the enemy reported. Some shelling and mortaring otherwise very quiet.
12 FebWeather clear all day with light mist during the evening. An Enemy patrol was reported by "B" Coy, and a patrol was sent to deal with it at 0140 hrs. One of our personnel were wounded in the shoulder believe two of the enemy patrol killed at that time. In the morning area was searched but nothing was found of the enemy. Flares were sent up by Enemy and a lot of M.G. and Arty fire heard by O.P's.
13 FebWeather fair during the day and night. An Enemy patrol was seen crossing river Maas by O.P. Agnes and was covered by L.M.Gs later fired on boat was capsized and Enemy heard screaming when they were in the water believed to have wounded. Some believed Enemy patrol consisted of 6 men. A patrol was sent across river Maas but met opposition and returned tried again but did not succeed and patrol returned to A Coy. A considerable amount of flares were reported by O.Ps. and a lot of M.G. fire reported during the night.
14 FebWeather clear all day some mist along river Maas, reported by O.Ps. River Maas rising very rapidly. Norma O.P. almost surrounded by water. Unidentified aircraft were reported over unit area and dropped flares. Flares and M.G. fire reported by O.Ps. otherwise very quiet on Bn front.
15 FebWeather fair during the day. All personnel were asked for sizes of Dress shirts and boots and great suspicion arising among personnel that unit returning to England. It was very quiet during the day and night very little shelling and M.G.
16 FebWeather clear all day and night. During the day there was some shelling and machine gunning. Most of Enemy shells landed on their own side of River Maas. It was learned that American forces are to relieve this unit from front lines. Destination of Unit not known at yet. All personnel wondering what is in store for this Unit.
17 FebWeather misty during the day. Fairly quiet during the day. Some M.G. fire was reported by O.Ps. Vehicles were reported to be moving in Swalmen otherwise very quiet.
18 FebWeather clear all day. During the night enemy made lot of noise in Swalimen. Some enemy M.G. fire towards our position no casualties or damage done. Word was received that he Unit is to be relieved from the front line. Destination of Unit not known. American advance party arrived at 1000 hrs Unit advance party left at 1200 hrs.
19 FebWeather warm and clear all day. During the morning personnel were getting equipment ready to move off. Enemy shelled and M.Ged our positions in the morning, no damage done. Main United States troops arrived at 1300 hrs and took up positions. Unit started to Roggel where supper was served. Unit embussed in Lorries and proceeded to ZEVENEECKEN.
20 FebUnit arrived at ZEVENEECKEN at 1100 hrs. Dinner was served at 1400 hrs. Personnel were given billets in Coy area. During the day weather was warm and clear. Unit personnel washed and cleaned up and were allowed to go to local cafes. All personnel had Dutch money exchanged into Belgium francs. All personnel had to be in Billets at 2130 hrs.
21 FebWeather clear with slight frost during the day. Reveille was at 0600 hrs. Rifle Coy personnel were told to be ready to move off in the morning. During the morning Rifle Coy personnel started to move off. Last party left at 1230 hrs. Personnel went to Ostend where they embarked on boats and proceeded to England. HQ Coy and Bn HQ remained ZEVENEECKEN until the following day.
22 FebWeather clear and warm all day. Reveille was at 0530 hrs. HQ and Bn HQ personnel embussed in Lorries at 0630 hrs and proceeded to Nivelles Airport were they emplaned at 1100 hrs and flew to England arriving at Neatheravon Airport. Sheet 122 1/63360 at 0900 hrs. HQ and Bn HQ arrived in Camp at 1500 hrs and a hot meal was served at 1630 hrs. Personnel were allowed into town in the evening. Rifle Coy personnel arrived at Docks at 2130 hrs. Entrained and proceeded to Camp.
23 FebWeather clear and warm. Parade held at 0930 hrs and Lt.Col Nicklin explained to all personnel the reason the unit returned to England. During the day Unit personnel cleaned equipment. All personnel were paid 2£ sterling in the evening. Rifle Coys arrived in Camp at 0430 hrs.
24 FebWeather clear and warm. Unit personnel still cleaning up. No training carried out during the day. A movie was shown in the evening and was enjoyed by a great number. All personnel were asked for destination for leave.
25 FebWeather fair all day. A compulsory church parade held for the Protestants and R.Cs. An inspection was held at 1330 hrs by all Coy Comds. HQ coy had ½ hour drill by Major Hilborn.
26 FebWeather clear with slight frost during the morning, warm in the afternoon. Inspection was held in the morning by Coy Comd. General Training throughout the day. A movie was shown in the evening. Pay parade held for all personnel, in the latter part of the afternoon.
27 FebWeather clear and warm all day. General training carried out during the morning. Personnel prepared to go on leave in the afternoon. Leave starting at 0600 hrs on 28 FEB 45 until 6 MAR 45.
28 FebWeather clear all day. Personnel went on leave in Special trains arranged.
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