Roll of Honour

  • 6th January
Kelly, William Robert
KIA Belgium
  • 19th January
Kroesing, George
Died as POW. Captured 6th June 1944.
  • 2nd February
Petrow, Maurice Michael
DOW Holland.
  • 18th February
Acorn, Wilfred Lorne
DOW Holland.
  • 7th March
Hallen, Edgar Arthur
  • 17th March
Campbell, Murdock Joseph
Hogarth, Andrew
  • 24th March
Barnett, Gordon Wirring
Belisle, Clement
Bithrey, Reginald Charles
Brunette, Jack J.
Buell, Jack Donald
Clarke, Charles Hartley
Coulson, Jack Ambrose
Cummer, Harold Edward
DeSalliers, Leon Lucien
Dodge, Fletcher Earl
Escaravage, John George
Germann, Vincent Francis
Jones, Lewis Stanley
Lindstrom, Alvin Gordon
Mason, James Gordon
McCargar, Harold Eugene
McLaughlin, Douglas Norman
McNally, Andrew John Jerad
Miska, Theodore Gregory
Nickerson, Robert Alan
Nicklin, Jeff Albert
Robertson, Donald Kenneth
Shaubel, Robert Jay
Taylor, Melvin
  • 27th March
Roberts, Leslie Theodore
Cooper, Dennis Akroyd
  • 28th March
McGowan, Samuel Wilkie
  • 30th March
Sloan, James Gix
  • 31st March
Pym, Bruce Donald
Robinson, Norman Wesley
Taylor, Kenneth Walton Albert
  • 4th April
Hekelaar, Harry
  • 7th April
Pape, John Charles
  • 8th April
Parker, Verdun Glenwood
Pigeon, Romeo Edward
  • 12th April
Chapman, Robert Elwood
  • 15th April
Phillips, Roy James
Church, Lloyd George
Killed by enemy aircraft dropping bomb (See War Diary)
  • 17th April
Jones, Richard Vaughan
Killed Germany
  • 25th April
Edwards, Frank Rushton
  • 14th June
Payette, Guy
Accidentally shot whilst on board vessel for return to Canada (See War Diary)
  • 12th December
Erickson, Harold Norman
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