No. 3 Repat.
1 JunWeather fair and warm. All B.n. personel are now split up in Military Districts. A Medical and Dental parade was held in the morning for Military Districts 1&2. Afternoon was spent by personnel cleaning equipment.
2 JunWeather fair and warm. Second party arrived from Bulford, Hants. at 1030 hrs. Personel were given their sleeping quarters by M.D's. Afternoon was spent at sports and interior economy.
3 JunWeather very cloudy. Bn. was preparing for a 72 hrs. leave, which is given to all personel in Repat. Depots.
4 to 7 JunBn. spending 4 days leave in London and surrounding area.
8 JunWeather fair and warm. Bn. all returned from leave. Documentation was held in the morning to find out where all personnel were going on their 30 days Disembarkation leave. Afternoon was spend by all M.D's. having Clothing Parade.
9 JunWeather fair and warm. Bn spent most of the day getting equipment ready. Mail had to be straightened up so all personel were paraded to Post Office.
10 JunWeather cloudy and cool. Bn was paraded to Paymaster and each man received £2 for boat money. All drafts were warned as to what time they would be leaving Repat. Depot.
11 JunWeather very cloudy and rained occasionally during the day. M.D's. 1,3,6,7, left at 1400 hrs. M.D. 10 left at 1700 hrs. and M.D. 2 left at 1900 hrs. All personel were given a 24 hour ration pack and a package of Canadian Cigarettes.
12 JunWeather very cloudy and cool. M.D's. left in camp went at 0800 hrs. this morning.
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13 JunAll Bn personel now on board the liner ISLE DE FRANCE. Morale was very high. All troops in high tension for boat to set sail for Canada.
14 JunWeather fine and clear. Ships Orders were read to All Ranks of the 1st. Can. Para. Bn. Morale very high by All Ranks aboard ship.
15 JunWeather fine and clear. At 2100 hrs. a shudder went through the boat and then we knew that we were on our way to Canada. Cheers went up from All Ranks on board.
16 JunBoat still on it's way o the Promised Land. Everything in good order.
17 JunWeather fair and cool. Everything went well all day until 1900 hrs., when a serious and fatal accident happened on D deck. Cpl. Payette was accidently shot, with an enemy pistol fired by Cpl. Kurtow. A Court of Inquiry was held immediately and proceedings were made for a Court-Martial about ship.
18 JunEverything going along as usual except for the fact that officers were detailed to be Members of the Court-Martial and final proceedings were made on the accidental shooting of CPL. PAYETTE.
19 JunWeather fair and warm. CPL. PAYETTE was buried at sea at 0500 hrs. this morning. At 1000 hrs. CPL. KRUTOW's Court-Martial was held in the Officer's Lounge. It lasted until 1700 hrs.
20 JunEverything going fine aboard ship. All Ranks anxiously awaiting for boat to dock.
HALIFAX, N.S.21 JunWeather foggy and cool. Boat docks at 1000 hrs at pier No. 5 Halifax Harbour. All troops started cheering as loud as they could. Much noise was added by all the boats and trains whistles, giving the V sign. At 1300 hrs Bn personel were taken off the boat for a reception the City of Halifax had planned for our home coming. Sandwiches and fruits were served and at 1400 hrs. Bn moved off in Double Column of Route, through the streets of the City. On Sackville St. at North Gate R.A. Park, Major General A.E. Walford, CBE MM ED, Adjutant General, took the salute and on the Garrison Grounds, speeches from Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King and Defence Minister McNaughton were read. The Mayor of the City of Halifax gave to our Commanding Officer, Lt-Col. G.F. Eadie, the Key to the City and the flag of Nova Scotia. After the ceremony, refreshments were served to personel. Just before marching back to the boat, it began to rain very hard, but the parade continued on through the streets of crowded cheering people.
22 JunBn was dispersed by M.D's. on special trains, on which good service was enjoyed by all.
22 to 30 JunBn is on the 30 days Disembarkation Leave.
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