Report by Lieut. J.W.Bradley

Report on Events on 19 Aug 42, off Dieppe
by Lieut. J. W. Bradley, No. 9. Pl.

I was in Chasseur No. 12. with B. Coy rear H.Q. (C.Q.M.S., 2 sigs, 2S.B's) When the convoy sailed we took our place in it and steamed with it until the Aapt. (Capt Parq) reported that we had lost the rest of the ships, and he was trying to locate than with the aid of Asdig apparatus.

We made contact with the convoy at about 0515 hrs. but had to fall out again owing to the failure of one of our engines. This was apparently due to the excessive speed we had done catching up the convoy. At 0400 hrs the best speed we could make was 5 knots, and I was given to understand that the captain was not altogether certain of his position at sea. Owing to the lateness of the hour and the fact the the ship was incapable of doing any towing we turned and made our way for the English coast. When we were about 10 miles out the engine was restarted and it was decided that we should again turn towards Dieppe in the hope of being able to lend some assistance. We had steamed for about an hour when we picked up with and S.G.B. carrying members of No. 3 Commando - she was not able to make any headway owing to the engine having been put out of action by enemy action, so we towed her into Newhaven - we received orders at this time to 'Return to Base' which we proceeded to do picking up with a convoy of T.L.C's. At about 2000 hrs the the T.L.C's were bombed by 5 Focke Wolf 190's - we lent all possible assistance and convoyed a B.P.C. back to the Spithead Boom leaving 4 T.L.C's to put in at Shoreham, because one was damaged. We then returned to Base.

sgd. J.V. E. Bradley.
Lieut. R.M.
R.M. Commando.