Statement by unknown Capt

the Senior officer most close to my Comanding Officer before and as a spectator at his death, I should like to bring to your notice the following points.

My Commanding officer, when ordered to proceed to WHITE beach was not aware of the fact that the beach was held by the enemy, whilst proceeding shorewards it became apparent that the beach was held in considerable force and under heavy fire. The Colonel, immediately fire became intense, took up a prominent position sitting on the top of the M.L.C. in order to direct the reminder of the party, from their position, leading the boats, and open to most intense M.G. and mortar fire, he led his Commando into the beach. As the range shortened and the smoke cleared there was no doubt in any man's mind that an attempt to reach the town over that beach would mean certain death to the majority. In spite of all these facts my Commanding Officer refused to turn back until he had proved the uselessness of the adventure by his personal action. The M.L.C. reached the beach and realising now the futility of further action he stood in the stern in full view of all, placing his white string gloves on his hands and waving to the boats astern to return to the cover of the smoke.

His final order to his Commando undoubtedly saved the lives of a further 200 men. He was shot shortly after.

I cannot say more fully how the personal courage of this officer led and inspired his subordinate officers and men. He went cheerfully and happily to a death which he had said the night before could not be better.

Capt. R.M.
R.M. Commando.