Statement by R.S.M. Martin

Statement by R.S.M. Martin.

Po.x. 107025. Mne. R.B.Singleton.
Ply.x. 105411. Mne. L.C.Bradshaw.
Whilst approaching the beach, we were engaged by heavy M.G. and rifle fire the C.O. ordered the buildings on the beach from where the fire was coming to be engaged by L.M.G. I passed the order forward and a gun opened up by Marine Bradshaw. I also ordered the H.Q. L.M.G. into action which was manned by Mne. Singleton. Both guns were kept continuously in action until such time as the targets were obscured by smoke. During this time the M.L.C. was repeatedly hit by bursts of M.G. fire and very accurate rifle fire from the beach. Owing to the position of this M.L.C. these men had to stand up to engage the targets, and Singletons gun was in action until all the ammunition at his disposal was used up. Both these men carried out their duties very courageously whilst under heavy fire and without thought to their own personal safety.

sgd. H.F.Martin. Q.M.S. R.M.
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