Statement by Cpl. W.J.Harvey

Statement by Ply.x. 2505 Cpl. W.J.Harvey.

We were ordered to transfer from Chasseur No. 43 to and A.L.C. at about 0730 hrs. On the way in shore we were under shell and small arms fire. When the A.L.C. arrived at the beach and the doors were opened, Mnes Garland and Kettlewell were hit and were later taken off shore by the same A.L.C. When we cleared the A.L.C. we came under strong enemy M.G. fire so we took cover behind a tank which was still firing but unable to move. We were there until 1130 hrs. when we were ordered back to an A.L.C. Quite a number were wounded. These men were carried back to the A.L.C. by Lieut. Smale and Cpl. McDonald. Others with this party moved under cover of the smoke put down by them. The last time I saw Lieut. Smale was when he ran back to the cover of the tank. The party was now well split up. During this operation I was acting as platoon sergeant.

sgd. W.J.Harvey.
Corporal. Ply.x. 2505.
R.M. Commando