Battle Report of "A" Troop

11/12 Apr 45.
Set off from SAN ALBERTO2000 hrs
Arrived FUP2300 hrs
Arrived at the first gap in the dyke0145 hrs
Tp arrived behind Tac HQ0500 hrs
Throughout the forenoon the Tp was under Spandau fire, airburst, Mortar, shellfire - from SP or arty, snipers.
Moved up to second gap in dyke1400 hrs
Complete Tp was across the gap by1445 hrs
Tp arrived at STRANGE at1615 hrs
Arrived at "X" Tp posn approx 250 yds from "Cdo" br1700 hrs
Capts Belbin and Pook to HQ1945 hrs
Cries for help were heard2115 hrs
Capts Belbin and Pook were found wounded in mined area2215 hrs
Stretcher parties were working until0430 hrs
Arrived back in TAYLOR at0450 hrs
Laid up on bank till1600 hrs
Arrived CASA BANZI, MENATE area1730 hrs
These timing are approx.

Lieut R.M.
15 Apr 45
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