Battle Report of "Q" Troop

Battle Report of "Q" Troop.
11/12 Apr 45.

At 2000 hours 10 Apr 45, Two stand patrols of 1 officer and 14 ORs and 1 Sgt and 7 Mnes moved with P Tp from the forming up area at 494556. Remainder of Tp moved off from forming up area at 494556. Patrols arrived at Rice Factory at 2115 hours. Remainder of Tp, the boating party arrived at Rice Factory at 2130 hours.

Boating party moved off in the Aslt boats alongside of the dyke arriving at the gap at approx 0215 hours, when "Y" Tp was ferried across immediately to cover the advance of the remainder of the Cdo. Boating party remained at the gap until S and A Tps came up to be ferried across.

By 0400 hours the complete unit was across the gap and boating party proceeded up to carry out its intention of ferrying troops across the canal.

At 0520 hours the battle had commenced before the boating party could reach the canal, due to mud and weed in the lake. Boating party came under shell fire at 435598 and took cover on seaward side of the dyke, where message was received that canal could be negotiated without assistance of the boats.

The Boating party assumed role of being in reserve at 0545 hours and took up defensive posn at 433597. At 1330 hours the party received orders to come up to join Tp HQ and the patrols at 426603 and the Tp as a whole took up defensive posns on seward side of the main dyke 100 yards North of Tac HQ.

Patrols moved off from left side of dyke to right side at 0530 hours and were heavily shelled and sniped sustaining 7 casualties. They withdrew under intermittent shell fire and accurate SA fire at 0545 hours, to Tac HQ sustaining a further 6 casualties.

At 1730 hours Q Tp, as a whole occupied the Power House which had been cleared of the enemy before by X Tp, established standing patrols on the dyke at 424608 and at the head of the rd at 423607 and protected the right flank. This was completed by 1830 hours.

At 1815 hours 150 civilians arrived to take shelter in Power station. At 1915 hours the Standing patrols were withdrawn.

At 1930 hours Q Tp withdrew with the Cdo to rest area.

Captain, RM.
13 Apr 45