110530BSitrep first light. Going to asslt now. Challenged by sentry at STROUD. Otherwise NTR.
110915BAt 0910 hrs tk with enemy tps arrived at STRANGE taking approx 15 our men PW.
111000BSTROUD captured 0945 hrs but unable to reach STRANGE which still intact.
111615BSiterep 1600 hrs. Strong opposition sniping and mortars delayed capture of STROUD until 0945 hrs. 33 PW. STRANGE reached 0830 hrs after hy casualties from mortaring and sniping but enemy tk and inf captured our tps 0900 hrs. Own casualties approx 90 Bn Queens crossed STRANGE 1030 hrs. Hy shelling and mortaring areas STEWARD STRANGE SHOWELL intermittent all day. Now exploiting TAYLOR occupying STROUD. Tonights intentions -----.
120630BSitrep first light. STRANGE shelled 1700-1930 hrs and A tk gun fired on ARGINE DURANA from 405590 1930-2002 hrs. 10 cas suffered on minefields on TAYLOR last night. Patrol contacted QUEENS approx 410597 0400 hrs. German tk fully serviceable captured yesterday STROUD now receiving German sigs on WT set. Report follows.
121000BTk reported in first light sitrep is SEMOVENTE 75/34. Enemy handset found STROUD 1000 hrs has following words on cover Quote Leopold PBH. Gesangwerein I 9. Patriarch N A Diogenes 2 N A Unquote.
Lieut, R.M.
I.O. 40 R.M. Commando
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