legion of merit (usa)

The Legion of Merit (LOM) is a military award of the United States Armed Forces that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued to members of the eight uniformed services of the United States as well as to military and political figures of foreign governments.

The Legion of Merit (Commander degree) is one of only two United States military decorations to be issued as a neck order (the other being the Medal of Honor), and the only United States military decoration that may be issued in degrees (much like an order of chivalry or certain Orders of Merit), although the degrees including a neck ribbon are only awarded to non-U.S. nationals.

The Legion of Merit is seventh in the order of precedence of all U.S. military awards and is worn after the Defense Superior Service Medal and before the Distinguished Flying Cross.[8] In contemporary use in the U.S. Armed Forces, the Legion of Merit is typically awarded to Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force general officers and colonels, and Navy and Coast Guard flag officers and captains occupying senior command or very senior staff positions in their respective services. It may also be awarded to officers of lesser rank, senior warrant officers (typically in command positions at the rank of chief warrant officer 5), and to very senior enlisted personnel (typically in the rank of command sergeant major and sergeant major of the Army in the Army, fleet master chief petty officer and master chief petty officer of the Navy in the Navy, command chief master sergeant and chief master sergeant of the Air Force in the Air Force, command chief master sergeant and senior enlisted advisor of the Space Force in the Space Force, and sergeant major of the Marine Corps in the Marine Corps), but these instances are less frequent, typically by exception, and the circumstances vary by branch of service.
  1. RAIDERS Carlson, Evans Fordyce

    SURNAME Carlson FORENAME Evans Fordyce UNIT 2 Raider Bn (Commanding Officer) RANK Lieutenant Colonel NUMBER AWARD Navy Cross with Gold Star, Legion of Merit PLACE Makin Atoll 1942 (NC) Guadalcanal 1942 (SC and Gold Star) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 26.2.1896 Sidney, New...
  2. RAIDERS Edson, Merritt Austin (Red Mike)

    SURNAME Edson FORENAME Merritt Austin (Red Mike) UNIT 1 Raider Bn (HQ Company - Commanding Officer) RANK Lieutenant Colonel NUMBER AWARD Medal of Honor,Navy Cross PLACE Guadalcanal 1942 (MoH) Tulagi 1942 (NC) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 25.4.1897 Rutland,Vermont father...
  3. RAIDERS Chambers, Justice Marion

    SURNAME Chambers FORENAME Justice Marion UNIT former 1 Raider Bn (Company E) RANK Lieutenant Colonel NUMBER 04796 AWARD Medal of Honor,Silver Star,Legion of Merit with combat V PLACE Tulagi 1942 (SS) Iwo Jima 1945 (MOH) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION born 2.2.1908 Huntington,West...
  4. MERRILL'S MARAUDERS Acker, John Archie

    SURNAME Acker FORENAME John Archie UNIT 3 Bn (Orange Combat Team) RANK Staff Sergeant NUMBER 34104668 AWARD Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart PLACE Burma 1944 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from Bessemer,Jefferson County,Alabama born 25.2.1917 Alabama son of Adolphus Cratton...
  5. FIJI GUERILLAS MacKenzie, N.B.

    SURNAMEMacKenzie FORENAMEN.B. UNITNew Zealand Commandos RANKSergeant NUMBER AWARDMention in Despatches,Legion of Merit(US) PLACENew Georgia 1943 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONborn 22.10.1919 Auckland,New Zealand resided Hastings,New Zealand farmer in civilian life