Operation Date
01-02 April 1945
This operation report is taken from 40 RM War Diary, so is their role in operation.

Objectives and Tasks
40 R.M. Cdo
(i) To carry out feint aslt crossing of F. RENO on orders from Bde, simultaneously with attack by 9 Cdo.
(ii) To provide two Tps in area 637556 in immediate mob res.
(iii) To provide one tp under comd half sqn NIH for asslt along NORTH bank of RENO from 583559 to secure MARK 6055.
(iv) To hold the line.


MAP. ITALY 1:100,000 1:25,000
SHEET 89;89 1 SW

At 2000 hrs H.Q. were established in Dug Outs adjoining the pumping atation at 626531, and at 2230 hrs the Commando "Stood To".

Earlier covering fire was given by our mortars to assist "X" to who were driving stakes into the bank of the RENO in preparation for the feint attack. This was completed by 2230 hrs.

"Q" and "Y" tps holding the SPIT were under mortar fire for a short period at 2300 hrs when the Wood area was shelled. At 0400 hrs fwd tps from 43 Cdo passed through "Y" tp positions and were pulling back to the wood.

At 0455 the attack went in and 43 Cdo tps left the wood and went through our posns and had passed WOLF 1 by 0515 hrs. M/R 639567

The area was rocketted and shelled from approx 0520 hrs to 0645 hrs, a Spandau opened up from the other side of the river across the front of our posns.

At 0800 hrs, 6 sec in one of the pillboxes at WOLF 1 withdrew to WOLF 2 posn M/R 638557 on orders from the C.O., and shortly afterwards a direct hit from a heavy gun demolished the seaward pillbox and a near miss badly damaged the central one. "Q" tp withdrew to WOODFORCE H.Q. at 1400 hrs. PW's were coming in steadily and were escorted back to the cage by "y" tp throughout the day.

"Q" & "Y" tps withdrew to H.Q. area at 1100 hrs on 3rd Apl.45.

On receipt of "ATTACK", "X" tp hauled their boats over the top of the bank of the RENO to the water, unfortunately the ground was too rough and not all the boats reached the water. The rifles attached to the dummies were fired. Bren guns, 2" mortar and TSMG's and PLATS gave covering fire until the receipt of the word stop. Supporting fire from arty and 3" mortar was also received, and the enemy returned heavy fire from various weapons.

The feint attack was a success, it had achieved its purpose in drawing enemy fire.

"A" tp who were supporting the tank attack moved off at 0730 hrs from 583559 to secure objective MARK. At the first ditch it was found necessary to use fascenes to get over the dyke as the width and the supporting sub-sdl had been under estimated. The tks kept getting bogged and more fascenes were brought up. At 1330 hrs the first tk had crossed the dyke. The tp moved up in sections clearing foxholes on the way. The leading tk fired 2 or 3 shells into a house and about 5 mins later the enemy opened up causing 3 cas in the tk gp. The remainder took cover behind the tks and 2" mortars gave smoke and HE on the left as cover for Lt.Marsh's sec. The wounded were brought in under cover of this screen and of LMG fire of Mne Williamson who stayed out in the open with absolutely no cover at all for a full 18 mins whilst he was being sniped at and fired upon by enemy MG's. At approx 1515 hrs enemy were observed waving a white flag and PWs came through their minefields towards us being fired on by their own tps. Cpl.Ward's sec was brought up to the second tk, and the first one carried on through the minefield ahead. Lt.Marsh was contacted and found to be wounded and he ordered Lt.Seales to carry on to MARK with 'A' tp under his command. The first tk got bogged soon after leaving C; DELL OLMO M/R 596558 the second going back some 500x to a house and then coming back again by the lower river bank. The other tk was knocked out by a Tellermine. No enemy posns were contacted, and it was heard that 43 Cdo were in MATTHEW and contact was made. Receiving orders from SUNRAY the tp returned by the river crossing by Partisan Fwd HQ.

Wounded 1 Officer 16 O.R.'s

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