"X" Troop Report

2045 hrs"Stand To".
Pickets and pulleys were placed in the four different positions at the waters edge and ropes attached to the rubber boats.
2300 hrsEnemy mortar fire bombed the area and severed the telephone communications between the sections. This was immediately mended.
2350 hrsEnemy mortar fire ceased.
The remaining of the night was reasonably quiet.
0455 hrsThe signal "ATTACK".
The boats were hauled over the top of the bank down to the water. Unfortunately the ground was too rough and all the boats did not reach the water. The rifles attached to the dummies were fired. Bren guns, 2" mortars, and Piats gave covering fire and continued to fire until the receipt of the word "STOP". Rifles and TSMG's also fired. We received supporting fire from 3" mortars and hy arty. The latter's fire was falling short and endangering our own men. I asked them to increase their range which was done. The effect of all this was to draw very heavy fire, of various kinds from the enemy.
0608 hrsThe signal "STOP". By this time the enemy were only firing one spandau spasmodically, a few rifles and MP's, which they continued to do until captured by 43 RM Cdo, at 1530 hrs. On receipt of the word "STOP", we were almost out of ammunition. The few remaining rounds and bombs that we had were fired at the spandau position which had been located.
1530 hrs43 RM Cdo took the enemy positions opposite us and we ferried across the river some 60 prisoners and three of 43's wounded. The prisoners were marched to the POW cage by some of the Tp.
Capt., R.M.
O.C. Troop
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