"Q" Troop Report

Battle Report of "Q" Troop on Operation "ROAST"
1/2 Apr 45.
1 Apr
Sgt Scott and the two Bren teams moved through Wolf 2 to their position on the river bank.
2115hrsNormal enemy harrassing mortar fire on forward edge of wood MR 636563.
2130hrsForward troops of 43 R.M. Commando began to infiltrate to the Pillbox positions Wolf 1 in sub-section strength. No enemy fire.
2330hrsSgt Scott reported Five wheeled vehicles moving away from him on the opposite side of the river. Our Arty fire followed a few minutes later in the correct area. Sgt Scott reported a line running from the TONGUE across the river. This was cut at 2355 hrs.
2 Apr
Forward troops of 43 R.M. Commando began to infiltrate back through Pillbox positions, by 0445 hrs approx a troop strength had passed through.
0455hrsBarrage on our sector began.
0505hrs43 R.M. Commando forward troops returned to their original positions and had passed through WOLF 1 by 0515 hrs.
0520hrsEnemy fired into rockets into our positions and then mortared the area, odd shelling continued until approx 0645 hrs. Meanwhile Spandau fire from end of TONGUE and across the other side of the river opened up across the front of our positions.
0545hrs to 0615hrsKangaroos and Churchill tanks were forming up on the beach at MR 640566.
0615hrsSgt Scott and his Bren gunners returned through our positions.
0800hrs6 Section in WOLF 1 withdrew on orders from the C.O. Just afterwards a direct hit from a heavy gun demolished the seaward Pillbox and a near miss from the same gun badly damaged the central one.
1400hrs5 Section and Troop HQ withdraw from WOLF 2 position on orders from the C.O. to WOODFORCE HQ.
Signed F.H. Bristowe,
Capt, RM.
OC. "Q" Troop
6 Apr 45.
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