"S" Troop Report

BATTLE REPORT of "S" Troop on Operation "ROAST"
1/2 Apr 45.
2100 hrs
1 Apr
Mortars started to fire on "MATTHEW" I and II to cover "X" Tp who were putting stakes in the river bank. This firing was stopped after 5 minutes owing to the fact that "X" tp were not ready to start their work.
2150 hrsCovering fire for 30 minutes from I sec Mortars 40 R.M. Cdo (4 R.P.Min) and I sec 9 Cdo (2 R.P.Min). After this shoot new baseplate position had to be made because of the soft ground.
2230 hrsTroop "Stood To".
0315 hrs
2 Apr
Owing to delay of assault troops Troop ordered to "Stand 2/3 Down".
0430 hrs"Stood To".
0455 hrsCodeword "ATTACK". Mortars and M.M.Gs commenced firing on their various tasks. Mortars (9Cdo & 40 Cdo) feint assault between 611561 am 624563. M.M.Gs (2 Sec 40 Cdo I Sec 43 Cdo) on H.F. & D.F. tasks between 632564 and 634567.
0540 hrsM.M.Gs ceased firing having fired approx 16 belts per gun.
0610 hrsMortars ceased firing having fired approx 400 rds per mortar. Neither M.MGs or Mortars fired again.
It was found that a rapid rate of fire could not be sustained for long with the mortars, owing to the barrels over-heating and consequent premature firing of secondaries.
Base-plates on Nos 2,3,4; mortars had to be taken out and rebedded twice during the shoot.
(2) No counter fire was experienced by either Mortars or M.M.Gs.

G.M. Russell.
Lieut R.M.
O.C. "S" Troop
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