"R" Troop Report

Battle Report of "R" Troop. Operation "ROAST".
1/2 Apr 45.

Communications were checked at 2100hrs 1/4/45 and the telephone and 18 Set were found to be satisfactory. The 38 sets were found to be netted on a very busy frequency and although efforts were made to re-net no communication was established between "ROOSEVELT" and "FRANKLIN".

At 2235 I reported "R" Tp as being at "Stand To" to HQ 61. They remained at this state of readiness throughout the night.

At 0452 on the 2/4/45 the signal was received from HQ 61 "ATTACK at 0455.

The P.I.A.T. firer therefore opened fire on the shutter of the enemy observation hole on the opposite bank of the F.del RENO. Four bombs were fired, all landing in the target area. The third apparently exploded in the bank and was presumed to have entered the shutter.

At about 1000hrs a signal asking for supporting fire to enable "A" Tp to continue was received from HQ 61. A certain delay followed as the key to the M.E. Map Ref Code had to be procured from "X" Tp. before the position of "A" Tp could be established. It was found that, owing to "MARK" and "MATTHEW" still being occupied by the enemy it was impossible to give observed fire support from either "FRANKLIN" or "ROOSEVELT".

"R" Tp therefore had no further part in the operation.

Capt. RM.
O.C. "R" Troop.
6 Apr 45
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