"P" Troop Report

Battle Report of "P" Troop on Operation "ROAST"
1/2 Apr 45.
2230 hrs 1 Apr"Stand To"
0207 hrs 2 Apr2/3 "Stand Down" on receipt of message from Sunray
0420 hrsBarrage commenced.
0815 hrsShelling at 0815 hrs consisted of about 9 rounds thought to be 105mm which landed 100 yds to the left of the dug in positions. Two rounds at least falling into the river.

After the recce 0900 to 1000 hrs plans were made for one Bren Group to cross the river to Casa del OMO in a small river boat which was lying in "FRANKLIN" position, covered by the remainder of the section. It is considered that this operation could have been carried out and if more boats had been available the whole of the section could have crossed the river. Permission could however not be obtained for anyone to cross the river.

It was impossible at anytime between 0900 and 1700 hrs to give the attacking troops any support, as small arms fire would not have reached them and 2" mortar would have been unobserved and therefore dangerous as their exact positions were unknown.

At no time during the operation could either the enemy or our own troops be seen and no enemy movement was observed. No P.O.W's crossed the river into "FRANKLIN" and our own troops suffered no casualities.

From 0900 direct communication between "FRANKLIN" and 61 HQ was unobtainable owing to breaking of the cable between "ROOSEVELT" and "EISENHOWER" with the result that there was some delay in the transmission and receipt of messages.
Signed P. Wedgwood,
Lieut RM.
O.C. "P" Troop
6 Apr 45
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