1 AugWeather fine and clear. Enemy mortar fire on our positions during the day appeared more accurate than usual and any movement of M.T. along roads to our rear brought immediate shell or mortar fire.
2 AugWeather is fine. Battalion resumed patrolling activities in an attempt to confirm enemy positions on our front. Enemy mortar fire continued with our mortars replying immediately, otherwise little signs of activity from the enemy apart from occasional bursts of M.G. fire and enemy aircraft at night.
3 AugWeather fine. Our two forward companies engaged in digging platoon position in front (approximately 50 yards) of main company lines. Accurate enemy mortar fire continued and the Brigade Commander ordered a heavy artillery shoot on the enemy during the evening.
4 AugWeather fine. Reports were received that the enemy might be preparing to move out of his positions and plans were made to persure him. Enemy mortar was augmented by artillery fire and he developed the habit of shelling the cook-house at meal times. The Battalion is patrolling steadily and contacts have been made with the enemy.
5 AugWeather fine. Day quiet except for usual exchange of Mortar fire.
6 AugWeather fine. Patrolling continued during the night but little fresh information could be obtained. Enemy mortaring continued. Their bombs landing accurately on our positions. Enemy artillery battery also sent over several salvos during the day.
7 AugWeather fine. Mortaring and shelling continued. Propaganda broadcast was arranged during the night in an attempt to obtain deserters so that identifications could be made. Several deserters came in to the units on our right and left.
8 AugWeather fine. Shelling and mortaring continued otherwise there was no activity.
9 AugWeather fine. Shelling and mortaring continued. No indication could be obtained that the enemy was preparing to move out.
10 AugWeather during the day was very nice. It was very quiet during the early part of the day. Enemy dropped the odd mortar bombs and shells in the evening. A recce patrol under LIEUT. STEVENS went out from "A" Company at 1900 hours. Patrol recced a suspected enemy Headquarters but found it unoccupied. The patrol returned at 2100 hours. Reinforcements arrived from England for this Unit and were split up among the companies. More reinforcements expected to arrive in the next few days.
11 Aug"A" Company went out two patrols during the day. The first patrol under Capt. CLANCY went deep into enemy lines, and reported that enemy seemed to have moved back. The second patrol was an ambush patrol which left "A" Company lines at 1830 hours. It moved to 145704 - 1/25000 Dozule sheet. Patrol heard enemy mortar and L.M.G. fire but did not see or hear enemy movement. Patrol returned to "A" Company at 2200 hours.

Battalion Headquarters was heavily shelled in the afternoon. There were no casualties thirty-nine reinforcements arrived for this unit. Nine Officers and 30 Other Ranks.
12 AugThere were four patrols sent out. Three from "A" Company and one from "C" Company. "A" Company sent our 2 ambush patrols and one Recce. The ambush patrols were commanded by SGT. PARKER and SGT. EVANS. "C" Company sent out Recce patrol. Conclusions from these patrols proved that the enemy is not withdrawing from its positions. The enemy sends out patrols of 10 to 15 men which come fairly close to our lines. It was quiet during the early part of the day. Battalion Headquarters advance area was heavily shelled at 1800 hours. Enemy sent down two salvos of approximately twenty rounds in each salvo. It was fairly quiet the rest of the day. The weather was very clear and hot all day.
13 AugPatrols were sent out by "A" Company and "C" Company. "B" Company patrol under Capt. HILBORN met five enemy personnel. Three of them were walking toward our lines and are believe to have surrendered to the 9th Pata Bn. Standing Patrol under Cpl. THOMPSON went to CHATEAU at 14487030. They did not hear or see the enemy. Enemy shelled Battalion Headquarters Administration area at 1800 hours. Enemy brought down two salvos of approximately twenty rounds per salvo. Outside of this shelling it was very quiet. The weather was very clear and hot.
14 AugPatrols were sent out from all companies. "A" Company under Sgt. EVANS. The patrol left at 0600 hours and went to the CHATEAU at 14487030 and waited to ambush the enemy till 1000 hours. No enemy were seen during that time. The patrol heard enemy sawing and chopping wood. "B" Company recce patrol under LIEUT. SUTHERLAND. This patrol recced area 143705 to 145709 and did not see any enemy. "C" Compnay sent out ambush patrol under SGT. KELLY. This patrol took up positions 143708 to 145706. No enemy were seen. Enemy M.G. fire heard from CHATEAU at 14487030 at a bearing of 75 degrees M.A.G.. Very clear and warm during the day. The odd mortar bomb dropped in "B" Company positions. Battalion Headquarters was mortared in the evening.
15 AugEnemy bombers were active on our front. The enemy bombed to the south of our positions. "A" Company had a standing patrol and an ambush patrol The standing patrol was at the CHATEAU at 14487030. The ambush patrol was at 143705. "C" Company had an ambush patrol at 143706. No enemy were seen or heard. Ten men from this unit went to the 6th A/B Division Leave Camp. There were allotments for E.N.S.A. show. There was also a bath parade for the personnel of this Unit. Battalion position was mortared and shelled during the day.
16 AugClear all day. Enemy shelled and mortared out positions. Patrols were sent out in the afternoon and the evening. Patrols reported that no enemy were encountered and it looked as though he was pulling out. In the evening orders were received that the Unit would advance on the following day. When the advance was to start was not definite. Enemy aircraft were active during the night.
17 AugClear weather all day. At 0800 hours Companies started to advance through the BOIS DE BAVENT. No enemy were encountered in the wood. "B" Company was delayed in their move by mines and booby traps. "A" Company encountered enemy at PLAIN LUGAN 2072. Battalion Headquarters rear party moved to new positions (PLAIN LUGAN) in the afternoon. There was very little shelling of our new positions during the night.
18 AugBattalion spent the night and all that day at PLAIN LUGAN. During the day ordered were received that this Unit was to attack four bridges at 2372 and 2371. This Unit left PLAIN LUGAN at 2030 hours. Forming up time was at 2130 hours. F.O.P. was at crossroads 2271. Zero hours was to be at 2145 hours. Attack went in at Zero plus three minutes. "A" Company captured their bridge intact at 2300 hours. Bridge named CANADA BRIDGE. Considering the task, casualties were very light. During the night and the following morning approximately one hundred and fifty prisoners of war were taken. Battalion held all four bridges all night. There was no shelling or mortaring of our positions. Weather clear all day.
19 AugClear during the day. All personnel dug in. Companies were in defensive positions. All German equipment that he left behind was picked up and sent to Division. "A" Company positions was shelled heavily by S.P. Gun and a few casualties were caused. Battalion Headquarters was shelled in the morning with one casualty resulting. "B" Company position shelled in the afternoon and a few casualties resulted. Enemy aircraft were active over our area at night a few bombs dropped but no damage was caused.
20 AugClear all day started to rain in the late evening. "A" Company position was shelled in the morning but no damage was done. There was no other activity during the day.
21 AugIt rained hard all morning. At 1015 hours this Battalion started to move forward. During the advance the enemy shelled the road heavily. The enemy also used rockets. No enemy resistance met until the evening. A strong force of enemy was met at LA VALLE TANTOT 4101. At that point the enemy used 81 cm mortars and S.P. guns. Battalion stayed at this position until 0800 hours 22nd August, 1944.
22 AugEnemy retreated during the night. This Unit move to one Kilometer from BOURBEC. All personnel washed and rested all day. At 1730 hours orders were received to get ready to advance to PONT L'EVEQUE. At 1600 hour BRIGADIER HILL visited our Positions and told us to be ready to move on two hours notice.
23 AugClear all day. All personnel on two hours notice to move forward. LIEUT. GENERAL STUART visited Battalion Headquarters. LIEUT. COLONEL BRADBROOKE returned to take a position in the General Staff. MAJOR EADIE assumed temporary command of this Unit. 1430 hour Battalion "O" Group was informed that a parachute jump was to be made behind enemy lines by the 3rd PARA BRIGADE. The Jump was definitely cancelled at 0100 hours 24 August, 1944.
24 AugUnit embussed in lorries and move at 1015 hours to VAUVILLE and from there marched to TOURGEVILLE. The Battalion stopped and had a meal. Left TOURGEVILLE at 1430 hours and marched to ST. GATIN & ST. CROXFORD. PTE. BLANCHARD went to ST. GATIN on a motorbike and on arriving there seven Germans ran out of the buildings and surrendered. While marching into the tow a German S.P. Gun fired eight rounds but no casualties were caused by this shelling. The Unit stopped until 0800 hours the next day. Very rainy day. The Battalion slept the night in the town.
25 AugUnit started to move at 0800 hours. No enemy met along the advance. At 1000 hours this Battalion arrived at 621080 and remained at that position until 1900 hours. Commandos and the 6th Para Battalion ran into strong enemy position. He kept the roads covered with heavy M.G. fire. At 1900 hours ordered were received to move along enemy's left flank and proceed to MON MOUGER 664122. Battalion stayed at 122103 overnight. One casualty was caused by sniper with a rifle grenade. SGT. McPHEE was the casualty.
26 AugBattalion moved at 0300 hours and arrived at 664122 at 0745 hours. Companies took up defensive positions but no enemy were seen. All personnel were given sleeping quarters in buildings on the farms and others slept in the open. No enemy were seen during the whole day.
27 AugClear day. Unit given twenty-four hours rest. The Administration from the rear area arrived at 1000 hours. Large packs were given to personnel. Very quiet during the day.
28 AugClear all day. Twenty-five percent of the personnel were allowed in BEUZEVILLE which was a small town about three kilometres from our position.
29 AugClear all day. Battalion resting at the same position. A further twenty-five percent of the men were again allowed to go to BEUZEVILLE. No activity during the day.
30 AugRain during the day. All personnel confined to the Battalion area. Battalion resting. Personnel informed about the move back to England on 6th September, 1944.
31 AugRained all day. Very windy. Confined to Barracks ruling lifted and again twenty-five percent of men were allowed in BEUZEVILLE again. Remainder of the Battalion were resting. Preparations were being made for the return to England.
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