Carter Bks,
MayDuring the first three weeks of this month the Battalion was brought up to full War Establishment. A Brigade Scheme for the Intelligence Section, Exercise "LOOKOUT", was held on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of May, 1944. The Object of the Exercise was to give the Intelligence Section practice in Observation Post Work and to give them the latest information on the German Army in France.

All equipment was checked and issued and it became very evident that the invasion day was near.

In the first two weeks the Commanding Officer and the Company Commanders, the Adjutant and the Intelligence Officer, were briefed on the forthcoming Operation and facilities were given to the Commanding Officer so that he could prepare his Operation Order and for the Company Commanders to study the various tasks that lay ahead of them.

On the 18th day of May the Intelligence Section proceeded to the Transit Camp. They were briefed and set to work preparing the models and enlargements necessary for the briefing of the Battalion.

On the 24th May, 1944, the Battalion left Bulford and arrived at the Transit Camp at Down Ampney where they were to remain confined to the Camp Area until they flew away to France.

The morale of all Ranks was extremely high and the men settled down to enjoy themselves while waiting. Games and entertainment were arranged by the Y.M.C.A. Supervisor.

The weather fortunately remained fire enabling All Ranks to take full advantage of these entertainments and the swimming parades that were arranged.
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