1 OctClear during the whole day. A voluntary church parade was held for the R.C. personnel and a compulsory Parade for the Protestant personnel of this Unit. Personnel were allowed in the neighboring towns in the afternoon and evening. A muster Parade was held by Headquarters Company included in which was an inspection.
2 OctClear during the day. N.C.O's School started today. Eighty men from this Unit were scheduled to make a Parachute Jump with Kit-Bags today but owing to the shortage of Aircrew the Jump was postponed. Bde. Orders Group, Exercise "FOG", was held at 1015-1115 hours and was attended by O.C., 2-i/c, Adjt. and the I.O..app 6
3 OctClear all day. Bn. Int Sec was preparing enlargements for Exercise. Eighty men from this Unit made a Parachute descent today with Kit-Bags. 10 men were taken from each Company and the remainder were taken from the Specialist Platoons. N.C.O's School continues. Show "CARAVAN" arranged by the Y.M.C.A. was here in the evening and was well attended and much enjoyed. Muster Parade for Headquarters Company followed by the briefing of the entire Battalion on Exercise "FOG" by the Commanding Officer, Lieut.Col. J.A.Nicklin.app 13
app 14
4 OctCloudy and cool with slight showers. Company Commanders were briefed by the Commanding Officer at 1330 hours today on the Exercise. N.C.O's School continues. Personnel being issued with G-1098 equipment preparatory to going on the Exercise. Exercise "FOG" postponed from 6-7-8 Oct 44 to 7-8-9 Oct 44. "CARAVAN" show again performing this time for 1st. Cdn. Para. Trg. Unit and British personnel in the Camp. Well attended and much enjoyed by all.app 8
app 9
app 10
app 11
app 12
5 OctClear all day. "A" Company briefed in the morning. "B" Company briefed in the afternoon. Normal training carried out when not in the briefing rooms. Companies were briefed by their respective Company Commanders. Bn. Headquarters, "A" & "B" Parties were briefed in the evening.
6 OctClear and warm. "C" Company briefed by Commander in the morning. Companies drawing equipment for Exercise "FOG"- 7-8-9 Oct 44. Transport arrived at 1645 hours to be depart from Camp to Airport. A strong wind started to blow in the late.....
7 OctVery windy all day. Parade at 0915 hours, aircraft sticks checked and then word was received at 0935 hours that the jump was cancelled for 24 hours. General training for the rest of the day. Battalion C.B.. There was a show in the evening.
8 OctVery misty day. Parade at 0950 hours. Sticks checked. Battalion embussed and proceeded to Welford Airport - USAAF (9th Troop Carrying Commands). Arrived at the Airport at 1340 hours and a hot meal was served. The 'chutes were fitted and equipment prepared for the Jump. Word was received at 1700 hours that the Jump was again postponed for 24 hours as visibility was very poor. Battalion returned to Camp, ate a hot meal and as the were C.B. did not leave camp.
9 OctClear and warm all day. Battalion resting in the morning. Parade at 1315 hours. Check of sticks, embussing and the ride to the airport followed. Arrival at Welford airport at 1550 hours where hot tea was served while men refitted 'chutes. Personnel emplaned at 1645 hours and the takeoff was at 1700 hours. Aircraft over D.Z. at 1849 hours in tight formation. Personnel dropped and every man was clear of the D.Z. in 20 minutes - the maximum laid down by the Brigade Commander. Personnel made their way to the R.V. and then marched cross country to SHREWTON which was the objective. R.V. was cleared at 2020 hours and Objective reached at 2335 hours. Small parties of enemy were encountered and dealt with successfully on the way to the objective and upon arrival there the Battalion took up defensive positions and dug in.app 15
app 16
10 OctBattalion on Exercise "FOG". Personnel completed digging in. Quiet night for "A" & "C" Companies but "B" Company was attacked a few times during the night. Stand to at 0430 hours. Breakfast at 0700 hours made from 24 hour ration packs. Exercise over at 0930 hours. Preparations made for return to camp. March back started at 1115 hours. March finished at 1340 hours and a hot meal was served in the mess hall. Personnel rested during the remainder of the day. Movie in the evening.
11 OctRainy and windy all day. General training carried out by the Battalion. Intelligence Section preparing a large model for "B" Company's Exercise - 12-13 Oct 44.
12 OctVery rainy all day. "B" Company personnel briefed by Company Commander on their Exercise. Remainder of Battalion carried out general training while "B" Company prepared for their Exercise.
"A" Company went to Southammpton on a Street-Fighting Course.
"B" Company Exercise
Embused in trucks at 1930 hours and proceeded to DZ where men were dropped in pairs every 100 yards and told to move to the RV. Move to the objective started at 2010 hours and first stage position was reached by 2240 hours. M.R. 669625 - Sheet 122 - 1/63,360. Enemy were one platoon of "C" Company under Capt. Clancy. An assault was made of Cholderton at 2300 hours. The assault was very good and the battle lasted for 18 minutes. The Exercise ended at 2359 hours. Form up and march back to camp took place at 0015 hours and the Company arrived back at camp at 0145 hours. Tea and soup were served. Reveille for "B" Company laid down at 0830 hours and breakfast at 0930 hours.
app 17
13 OctFair with rain in the evening. Headquarters Company on 10 mile forced march in afternoon. "A" Company in Southampton. General training for all personnel in camp. "A" Company returned from Southampton in the evening.
14 OctWeather dull threatening rain. Dress Inspection in full Battle Order for Headquarters Company in the morning. All personnel proceeded on 36 hours passes in the afternoon.
15 OctFair weather all day. Personnel on pass. Voluntary church parade.
16 OctVery bad day for rain and clouds. "A" Company was on ranges at Devizes. "C" Company on Field Firing at Cranborne Chase. General Training for the rest of the Battalion. Bde. Commanders' T.E.W.T. for all officers in the 3rd. Para. Bde. began today. Movie in the evening well attended and much enjoyed.
17 OctRainy all day. "C" Company came back from Field Firing area. General Training for the remainder of the Battalion. "C" Company Dance was held in the evening with civilian women from nearby towns and villages being the dancing partners. The dance was a big success and much enjoyed by all who attended. Personnel from other Companies were also invited.
18 OctRainy and windy all day. Lecture by Lieut. James RNVR on "Escape from Germany". 195 Para Fd. Ambulance Dance in the Evening and some Cdn. men were invited "B" Company on the Ranges.
19 OctBead weather during the day. General training by all Battalion. T.E.W.T. for N.C.O's and Officers of "B" Company in the evening by Major Fuller and was on Airborne Ops., and Street-fighting. Model was prepared by the Int Sec. Movie in the evening.
20 OctRainy and windy. General Training by Battalion with "A" and "C" Companies on Rifle Ranges. On evening supper parade great confusion was caused when the men refused to eat. The complaint lay not in the food but in the treatment of the men by the Commanding Officer.
21 OctGeneral Training during the day. Personnel still not eating. Platoon Commanders spoke to platoons to ascertain complaints and in the afternoon changes in orders heretofore laid down were made but only 60 men ate supper.
22 OctVoluntary R.C. Church parade was held in the church hut. Personnel had a free day. Mortar platoon was on the ranges in the morning. Personnel still in camp refused to eat again today.
23 OctClear and warm all day. Approximately 60 men ate their breakfast. General training in the morning and a lecture from Brigadier Hill who promised that their would be an investigation into all grievances. Personnel all ate dinner and supper. There was a movie in the evening which was well attended and much enjoyed.
24 OctRain during the morning. "A" Company personnel preparing to go to London on a street fighting course. The Course is to last 6 Days. Remainder of the Battalion carried out General Training.
25 OctVery foggy during the day. "A" Company personnel had an early reveille and prepared to leave for London at 0600 hours by truck. Battalion carried out general training as per syllabus.
26 OctClear all day with shower in the evening. Reinforcements arrived from Canada. 154 O.R's and 3 Officers. "B" Company and "I" Section and Signals Platoon had tabloid sports in the afternoon. "C" Company preparing to go to London for Street Fighting. Int Section went on a night Compass march. Movie in the evening.
27 OctClear all day. Q.M. Parade for Headquarters Company. "C" Company went to London on Course today while the remainder of the men were on General Training as per syllabus.
28 OctAll personnel in camp preparing to go on 60 hour pass. Warm and sunny.
29 OctAll personnel on 60 hour leave. "B" Company personnel remained in Camp as they are to proceed on a Street-Fighting Course.
30 OctClear and warm all day. Personnel still on 60 hour pass. "B" Company went to London on a Street-Fighting Course. "C" Company returned from Street-Fighting Course. Many of the men returned from leave tonight.
31 OctClear all day. Remainder of personnel returned from leave. "B" Company and "A" Company are on a Street-Fighting Course in the Battersea Area in London. Intelligence Section on a 10 Mile Force March.
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