1 SepRain all day. Twenty-five percent of the personnel allowed in town. Battalion resting. All non-parachutists returned to C.G.R.U.
2 SepRain and very windy in the evening. 5 Officers and 85 Other Ranks arrived from England to reinforce this Unit. All Ranks warned to prepare to move to a new area.
3 SepBattalion marched from MON MOUGER at 0830 hours to the new area south of Brigade arriving at 1045 hours. Large Packs and equipment were carried in jeeps.
4 SepRain during the evening. Battalion marched in full marching order to embussing area and when T.C.V's arrived at 1100 hours personnel boarded by 1115 hours and moved to Concentration area No. 60 arriving there at 1630 hours. All personnel were issued with one blanket and allowed to leave the area until 2200 hours.
5 SepVery cloudy all day. Reveille at 0630 hours. Breakfast 0815 to 0845 hours. Blankets rolled and turned in to Ordnance but as movement was cancelled they were again drawn.
6 SepReveille at 0600 hours. Battalion moved to the docks at 0730 hours, boarded the ship at 1000 hours and sailed at 1115 hours. The Isle of Wight was sighted at 1545 hours. Ship dropped anchor in harbor at 2045 hours and no personnel went ashore.
7 SepMoved to docks by boat at 0700 hours. Arrived there at 0830 hours. Disembarked at 1145 hours. RASC served a hot meal and lunch for the train was issued. Y.M.C.A. issued cigarettes and matches. Entrained at 1215 hours and arrived at Bulford at 1545 hours. A very nice meal was served by Training Company cooks and there was a show in the evening in the Y.M.C.A. All personnel were paid two pounds.
8 SepNo early reveille. Breakfast at 0800 hours. Medical inspection at 1330 hours. Clothing parades in the afternoon and a show in the evening, very well attended. French money was exchanged into Pounds Sterling in the evening.
9 SepNo special parades. Men free to leave camp in the afternoon. Personnel that turned in Francs were paid in the afternoon.
10 SepClear all day. Voluntary church parade. Pay parade in the afternoon held by companies. Personnel free to go to town. Show in the evening.
11 SepReveille at 0530 hours. Personnel were issued with travelling warrants and passes. All personnel were inspected and marched to the Railway Station. Train to Scotland at 0630 hours, Train to London at 0730 hours. Train to the Midlands at 0830 hours.
12 - 24 SepBattalion on leave.
25 SepClear and cold. Battalion parade at 0830 hours. Preparations being made to commence training. Nothing special.
26 SepClear and cold all day. First parade at 0800 hours. Special parade for all personnel for Lt. Col. Nicklin. Standing Orders were laid down by Lt.Col. J.A.Nicklin on this parade.
27 SepGeneral training for all personnel. Fair weather during the day. Physical training for the whole battalion in the afternoon.
28 SepCloudy and attempting to rain. General training for all personnel. A movie was shown in the Y.M.C.A. in the evening and was well attended.
29 SepCool and cloudy. General training by all Companies. Pay Parade in the afternoon.
30 SepClear and warm all day. General training during the morning with inoculation parade, Muster Parade and Physical Training for the afternoon.
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