Carter Bks.
1 NovClear during the day. Companies Training as per syllabus. "B" Company in London during the day on a Street Fighting Course. They returned in the early evening. "A" Company personnel were on 36 hour leave. "C" Company was on recreational training in the afternoon.see app 1
2 NovClear during the day. Free day for "B" Company personnel. "C" Company on a 20 mile Route March. 40 men from this Unit made up of men from the Int Sec, P.I.A.T's, and five from each Company visited the Tank School of Technology. A movie in the evening in the Y.M.C.A.
3 NovClear all day. "A" Company on 20 mile march. "B" Company on general training. "C" Company on battle drill training at Silk Hill. Mortar Platoon on 10 mile march.
4 NovSlight rain in the morning. H.Q. Company on fatigues while other Companies are on 36 hour pass.
5 NovSlight rain during the day. Headquarters Company on fatigues. Remainder of the Unit still on 36 hour pass. Movie in the evening in the Y.M.C.A.
6 NovClear all day. 20 Mile March for Headquarters Company during which they were watched by Maj-General B. Cale who was very pleased with the Company. "A" Company was on the Obstacle Range at Ink Pen. "B" Company was in Southampton on a Street Fighting Course. General Training by remainder of personnel.
7 NovClear all day. "B" Company Street Fighting in Southampton. General Training by remainder of the Battalion. Signal Platoon were preparing the Gymnasium for the Company Dance to be held on the 8th November, 1944.
8 NovRain during most of the day. "B" Company Street Fighting in Southampton. "A" Company on 15 Mile March. P.I.A.T. Platoon on Battle Drill at Silk Hill. Headquarters Company Dance was a big success. Partners were brought from nearby towns - A.T.S. and W.A.A.F. Camps.
9 NovClear all day. "B" Company returned from Southampton. Headquarters Company Officers and N.C.O's had instructional periods in the afternoon. Remainder of the Company was on a 10 mile march under Capt. J.R.Madden and Lt. J.M.G.A.Lamarre from 1 C.P.T.U.. Pay Parade at 1830 hours. Lecture on V.D. at 2030 hours. General Training by the Companies (Rifle).
10 Nov"A" Company on Battle Drill at Silk Hill. Mortar Platoon training on American 60 mm Mortar. General Training for remainder of Unit.
11 NovAll personnel had interior economy and prepared for 36 hours leave.
12 NovAll personnel on 36 hour leave. Those in Camp had movie at 1830 hour in the Gym.
13 NovClear all day with slight showers in the evening. "B" Company on Battle Drill at Silk Hill. Remainder of the Battalion on General Training. Movie in the evening in the Y.M.C.A. which was very well attended.
14 NovClear but very cold all day. General training for all in the morning. A rehearsal for Bde. Commanders' Inspection was held in the afternoon. Brigade Commanders Inspection is to be held on the 16 Nov 44.
15 NovTraining as per syllabus in the morning. Afternoon spent cleaning for Brigade Commanders' Inspection.
16 NovInt Sec began work on preparing maps etc for briefing of Exercise "EVE" which is to be held on 20-12-22 Nov 44. Brigade Commander was very pleased at the turnout on his inspection at which time all grievances were brought forward. Order Group for Exercise "EVE" was held by Lt.Col.J.A.Nicklin - Commanding Officer.see App 8
17 NovAll personnel briefed in general by Lt.Col.J.A.Nicklin in the forenoon. Companies were briefed in the afternoon and prepared to move to the Transit Camp.
18 NovReveille was at 0515 hours. Personnel embussed in trucks and moved to Transit Camp. Arrival at Traning Camp - 1830 hours where a hot meal was served. Blankets and Sleeping Quarters were prepared by Capt. Besteck.
19 NovCold and windy. Personnel briefed again. No further training was carried out.
20 NovExercise "EVE" postponed for 24 hours due to low ceiling and wind. Platoon Commanders briefed their platoons. Short Route March for all personnel. Liberty trucks in the evening to take personnel to nearby towns.
21 NovExercise "EVE" - Weather fine at 0915 hours. Battalion embussed and proceeded to the airport. All personnel fitted Parachutes and emplaned at 1115 hours. Take-off was at 1155 hours - approximate flying time one hour. First stick jumped at 1257 hours and by 1305 hours all personnel were on the ground. At 1345 hours all personnel were at respective R.V.'s and Companies prepared for assault on enemy positions. "B" & "C" Companies ready for assault at 1400 hours and made assault at 1415 hours. Enemy opposition met at 1420 hours. "B" Company reached its objective at 1430 hours M.R. 992120. "C" Company reached its objective M.R. 993116 at 1445 hours. First Stage on the Exercise was over at 1500 hours. Final objective reached at 1605 hours. There the Companies prepared for Counterattack. Small patrols and Tanks were seen but none attacked. Exercise finished at approximately 1650 hours. At 1730 hours Battalion marched to the area where trucks were waiting to return to camp. Personnel embussed at 2230 hours and reached camp at 0430 hours. A hot meal was served at 0530 hours.
22 NovBad weather. No Training. Movie in the evening.
23 NovWeather fair all day. All N.C.O's of Headquarters had an Instructional afternoon while the Company went on 10 mile Route March. "B" Company went on the Studland Battle Range. "A" Company on General Training. "C" Company is duty Company.
24 NovWeather fair all day. Mortar platoon on 10 mile march with full equipment. P.I.A.T. platoon on range in the afternoon. "A" Company had a day of rest. "B" Company on the Studland Battle Range. Movie in the evening.
25 NovWeather fine. Headquarters Company on the Rifle Range all day personnel firing Rifle and Bren. "B" Company had a Kit Inspection in the morning and went on Field firing. "C" Company had sports all day. Headquarters Company went on 15 mile run in P.T. Kit.
26 NovWeather fine all day. All personnel had free day. Voluntary Church Services in the morning. A movie in the Y.M.C.A. in the afternoon and was well attended.
27 NovClear all day. Int Sec had a small briefing on Exercise prepared by the I.O. Lieut.M.A.F.Mountain to take place on 28-29 Nov 44. "C" Company on 15 mile run. All personnel from Headquarters Company who had not as yet completed 10 mile physical test went on same in the afternoon. Concert party in the evening was much enjoyed.
28 NovWeather clear all day. Int Sec personnel on Exercise "ACORN". Vickers platoon on the ranges all day. Route march for "C" Company. Training Unit had the Concert Party this evening and enjoyed it very much. It was presented in the Y.M.C.A. and was arranged for by the Y.M.C.A. Supervisor.
29 NovFine day. Int Sec still on Exercise "ACORN". Exercise at a distance of approximately 35 miles. Section returned in the evening after an all day march. Vickers, Mortars and P.I.A.T. Platoons went on 20 mile Route March. "A" Company of Rifle Ranges. "C" Company on the Grenade Ranges in the morning. All personnel were paid in the evening.
30 NovAll personnel preparing to go on 10 days Privilege leave. Passes and Warrants were issued in the evening. Kit and quarters inspection by Battalion Commander in the morning.
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