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  • David Morrison
    I have this photograph too at home - it shows two men in front of jeep with a nazi flag draped over the bonnet front. It was given to me by a Mr...
  • William Fairbairn
    While stationed in Shanghai, China as a member of the Shanghai Municipal Police he developed handgun combat shooting, Special Weapons and Tactics...
  • Jack Paley
    hello jack -nice photo Graham jack alcock's son
  • C. Travers
    A truly brave and honourable man. Always upstanding and loyal. A much-loved Father and Grandfather. Remembered always.
  • V. Blomfield
    I am researching the history of the SOE training school STS42 at Roughwood Park, Chalfont St Giles. I understand Maj. Vernon Blomfield was...
  • 22 SAS (17 Troop,D Squadron) group 1981
    He was such an amazing guy fond memories he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and never complained once. Former Falklands veteran and sadly...
  • Joseph John Markowitz
    Thanks Julie, i have updated image accordingly. I have also...
  • K. Hewak
    This is my Grandmothers brother , thank you for remembering. We are going to visit his grave in Hollad this September, I am gratefull that the...
  • Joseph John Markowitz
    Correction In Back: Joe Markowitz is holding the Bazooka, next to him Robert Persuitti, in the back right is Frank Lockwood, Front left is Sandy...
  • Simon M. Glass,Jr (grave)
    This was my father who I love and adore. I am so proud of his service to our country. Praise God he is in heaven with Jesus! The most honorable...

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