U.S. 6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit

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  • OSS Team Camel
    Thank you for sending the page site. I don't have time to send anymore pictures or information but in the upcoming months, I will be able to do...
  • OSS Team Camel
    Your father has a page here : If you have more details for him (DOB...
  • OSS Team Camel
    First Lt. James P. Fine is my Father. Would there be any other pictures of him or the Camel Team members? I have pictures of him on a Chinese...
  • Frederick Haynes
    Hello, was this gentleman related to anyone from Rhodesia that moved to south africa. More so does Roux sound familiar. Please get back to me on...
  • E. Gyatt
    I GYATT to join the millatary
  • 1 SAS group 1944
    Weaver was with the operation Bulbasket in july 1944 with Capt TONKIN.
  • Edwin Cullum
    The original photograph is date stamped on the reverse side, 3rd April 1944. Taken at Betta Photos Ltd, 84/86 St.John's Road Clapham Junction SW11.
  • Glenn N. Dickey
    This was my Dad. His uniform is on display at a VFW Museum in Katy,Tx we did not know at the time but I now realize he like so many suffered from...
  • J. Mayo
    John, Was from Charlotte, NC Graduated South Mecklenburg High School 1965. He was a classmate of mine in high school. Bill Grist S.F. Chapter 6...
  • 1 SAS (C Squadron) group 1943
    Names from left to right are 1.Jean Bothorel , 2. Lt Bernard Harent, 3.Claude Perrachon , 4.Jean-Jacques Le Gall and 5. Robert (Derry) who is my...

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