Viper Force,Royal Marines

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  • A. Gallagher (grave)
    My darling husband, forever in my heart ❤
  • PPA Group (see note)
    Hello there. I knew Bob Norman. He lived in a rest home in Pokesdown, Bournemouth which was run by the parents of my then girlfriend. He used to...
  • Ronald Waite
    Hi Russ, Ron was my great grandad, I didn't have the opportunity to meet him but love finding out more information about him and listening to...
  • Dennis James
    My name is Roger Regan from porth in the rhondda and Dennis James was my uncle denny. His older sister was my mother Evelyn may James. Uncle den...
  • Pete Scholey
    That’s my grandpa , I love and miss you
  • Roy Dove
    Roy and Barry, my Grandad and Dad. Immensely proud of them both. Made the man I am today.
  • Len Tindale
    Joan Thanks for getting back to me. I was at uncle Tom’s funeral with my my grandad. Joan, please feel free to contact me directly by email or...
  • Len Tindale
    Amazing to hear from you especially as I have lost touch with all of dads side of the family. I have been watching SAS rogue heroes and wondering...
  • 2 SAS group (1945)
    Ian Alfred Larley, 2nd left bottom row. My grandfather, sadly passed 1990.
  • Len Tindale
    Joan This is my grandfather. I am his grandson by virtue of being the eldest son of his eldest son Len (young Len). As a teenager I remember going...

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