Allied Coast Watch Organisation (Allied Intelligence Bureau) 1941-45

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  • Ronald Waite
    Hi MiaCan, I’d love to re-connect with you all! Is Deborah your mum? I last met Carol in about 1987 just before I got married! I was staying with...
  • 2 SAS (3 Squadron) group
    Cpl Larley was my dad. Never seen this photo.
  • 2 SAS (3 Squadron) group
    Gordon ‘Lofty’ Rose is 3rd from the right at the back. In any photos he is always wearing his goggles. a Guernseyman he joined up at 16 so very...
  • 3 Para group (Suez 1956)
    If you examined an enlarged version of this image of the man putting on his beret you will see he has hairs on his upper lip - glinting in the sun...
  • Vernon Blair
    My grandad and an amazing man
  • Cornelius Murphy
    Hi. Are you still responding to comments on this site? I have a question concerning your mentions of my great Uncle Cornelius James Murphy. My...
  • 2 SAS War Crimes group France 1945-46
    I have found in my father's records that he is still listed as being in the SAS in 1946 - what does this mean as they were disbanded in 1945 - SSM...
  • 22 SAS (16 Troop,D Squadron) 1958
    A few more names: Standing; 1st left George Stainforth, 2nd left Rory Walker, 4th left Dubussy Williams, 5th left Herbie Hawkins, 1st from right...
  • 22 SAS group (early 1970s)
    Standing is Paddy Byrnes and kneeling is almost certainly Bob Varey.
  • P. McWilliams
    Is this not Alf Tasker? I've checked with family and surviving veterans and they say it is.

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