Norwegian Secret Agents

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  • Fred Milner
    Frederick Stanley Milner was commended by Peter Wilkinson for his work with the Czechoslovakian party some of whom would go on to assassinate...
  • 2 SAS Group
    Can anyone shed light on who else is in this photo? I'm led to believe the chap to the far left is Bill Stirling.
  • Dick North and Ron Jewell
    Dick North was my grandfather. Commonly known by his middle name Tom.
  • PPA Group (see note)
    Ralph North? Is actually Richard Thomas North (my grandfather) mentioned in despatches Ravenna, Italy
  • V. Lusted
    Thanks for photos, i have updated the award entry to link to them as well. Do you have any biographical information to add? Best regards, Craig
  • V. Lusted
    Victor Henry Lusted.....was an uncle of mine.....a brother to my father Reginal Ernest Edward Lusted (who was considered a "communications key...
  • Robert Wood
    Ease springs Rab, remember us dragging our sorry arses through thigh deep snow over North Third in the 80's
  • Greek Sacred Squadron 1943
  • G. Jellicoe
    March 23 1944. Beirut. The day of his marriage to Patsy O'Kane.
  • SBS group
    Is that Sutherland next to the naval officer?

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