Norwegian Secret Agents

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  • Nick Sewalish
    I love you and miss you so much.
  • Eric Barkworth
    What a man to have as your friend
  • A. Miller
    Address is Kenmore, New York. Have added the attachment via conversation.
  • A. Miller
    Craig, is the NY address H.O.R.? Erik Blakeslee -- Great-Nephew of Maj Miller, son of the Honorable Dave
  • A. Miller
    Hi Dave, I see a record of him residing 45 Lincoln Boulevard, Kenmore, New York on 6th November 1940.
  • A. Miller
    Al is my uncle. He was born, raised and enlisted in The Army in Saginaw, Michigan. Is the gravestone inscription in error? I never heard of him...
  • A. Bordash
    This is my Uncle. My Father John Bordash is his youngest brother who has passed away in 1993. Was just going through family pictures on Easter...
  • R. Boxall (grave)
    Hamburg Cemetery Ohlsdorf
  • A. Kent
    This is my uncle Tony!
  • 2 SAS (HQ Squadron) 1945
    Hello there -my father was in 2 SAS too and in Italy - Taranto and later Tuscany and Norway and France. SQMS John Alcock was his name. I thin k I...

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