Czech Secret Agents

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  • Ronald Waite
    Ronald Frank Waite DCM SBS was my uncle, he was married to Joan and not Pat. Pat married my other uncle Alfred Davies RN DSM who served aboard the...
  • Barthelemy Leonelli
    Do you know anything about Operation Amherst according to your grandfather?
  • J. McDonald
    Does anyone have a photograph of F/L D.S. (Dinger) Bell 161 Squadron 1944, please ? I have one but its post war. I am interested in 1944
  • J. McDonald
    I think it is. Superb. I wanted a nice picture of him for a project that I am working on. My image is quite poor. Thank you
  • J. McDonald
    Is this Flying Officer John Walter McDONALD of 161 Squadron ?
  • R. Chick (grave)
    I have been researching My Family Hold History. I have found out my Aunt Nancy (Nan) Green nee Hold Nee Chick my fathers sister, was Married to...
  • 22 SAS unknown
    Awesome photo of (young) Joe Lock. True gentleman, RIP
  • G. Sadler
    My name is Selena Curry. I am the great granddaughter of Glenwood Sadler. I'm currently with his Daughter Teresa Sadler Curry. Just wanted to come...
  • L Det SAS reunion 1996
    The second from the left is Jimmy Storie notBob Bennett please can anyone shed some light on this for me please
  • Popski
    Yes, that is my father Steve Wallbridge

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