French Secret Agents

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  • J. McDonald
    Does anyone have a photograph of F/L D.S. (Dinger) Bell 161 Squadron 1944, please ? I have one but its post war. I am interested in 1944
  • J. McDonald
    I think it is. Superb. I wanted a nice picture of him for a project that I am working on. My image is quite poor. Thank you
  • J. McDonald
    Is this Flying Officer John Walter McDONALD of 161 Squadron ?
  • R. Chick (grave)
    I have been researching My Family Hold History. I have found out my Aunt Nancy (Nan) Green nee Hold Nee Chick my fathers sister, was Married to...
  • 22 SAS unknown
    Awesome photo of (young) Joe Lock. True gentleman, RIP
  • G. Sadler
    My name is Selena Curry. I am the great granddaughter of Glenwood Sadler. I'm currently with his Daughter Teresa Sadler Curry. Just wanted to come...
  • L Det SAS reunion 1996
    The second from the left is Jimmy Storie notBob Bennett please can anyone shed some light on this for me please
  • Popski
    Yes, that is my father Steve Wallbridge
  • H. Roesch
    Do you have any further details, location, etc? All the best, Craig
  • Cyril Uden
    Thankyou, my grandad (his son) is still alive today living in Kent. I really appreciate this website it’s fantastic, anymore information you can...

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